Today’s Headlines

  • Yellow Bus Honcho Makes Dept of Ed an Offer They Can’t Refuse (Post)
  • Cabbies and Customers in an Uproar Over Excess Charging Scandal (NYT, News, NY1)
  • Livable Streets Mensch David Yassky Tapped to Head TLC (NY1)
  • Hit-and-Run SUV Driver Kills Man in Brighton Beach (News, Post)
  • TWU Petitions City — Not Albany — To Increase Funding for Student MetroCards (News)
  • Congestion Pricing Foe Jeff Dinowitz to MTA: You Gotta Find Some Cash (R’dale Press)
  • DMI’s John Petro Lays Out What Went Wrong With Ratner’s Arena Project (HuffPo)
  • NYC Rolling Out Full-Scale Brooklyn Greenway Plan? (Post)
  • Feds May Require Black Box to Record Crash Data in All Cars (NYT)
  • How Will East Side Bus Lanes Co-exist With Second Ave Subway Construction? (SAS)
  • Replacing Central Park Horses With Fake Vintage Cars: The Idea’s Not Dead Yet (City Room)

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  • How about instead of horse carriages or fake vintage cars, they just have a pile of old costumes you can borrow?

  • Loaded un Bus Honcho: Pklease let this incident serve as a springboard for a broad media investigation of the unsavory aspects of the yellow bus industry, not the least of which are the outrageous subsidies diverted from NYC tax coffers and inexplicable super-inflationary increases in costs.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’d be happy to have the city raise taxes to pay for the MTA student fares — if the state cuts off school transportation funding for rest of the state too, and not just NYC.

    What was the TWU promised in exchange for pretending the state didn’t cut off MTA funding, the 20/50 pension plan?

  • Another story: proposal to allow motor vehicles on Central Park pathways, to access bubble-enclosed, market-rate tennis courts at 96th Street. The articles don’t state that the golf carts would be allowed on the pathways, but as a practical matter that is the only way the carts could access the tennis courts, especially from the 5th Avenue. There is also no discussion in the press of another issue I’ve heard associated with the plan–keeping the courts open in the winter might mean running diesel generators in the park 24/7

    Moral of the story: Central Park is for sale. You bring in NYC Marathon sponsor dollars, want to spend your holiday shopping dollars, you bring in tennis dollars, you cater an event in the boathouse, you erect a peddlar’s village to sell holiday trinkets in the park, the park is yours, bring your taxis, cars and golf carts in. You want to ride a bicycle in the park, you’re confronted at every turn by signs saying “keep out”, traffic enforcement efforts directed at cyclists that ignore the hazards caused by other, preferred park users.virtual absence of bike parking, and told to use the transverse death-traps.

  • Josh

    That story about the bus company guy with the gun is just WEIRD.

  • Larry Littlefield

    For those of you who don’t know, the city and state have treated its “low class” housing the same way as they have treated their “low class” transportation.

    Just replace “Housing Authority” with MTA, and eliminate the relatively large infusion of federal aid to the former, and you get the same story.

  • ddartley’s got an idea. You take it in a green dirction, provide animal costumes and let the tourists channel the sprit of the park fauna to which they feel most kindred. Squirrels? Racoons? Coyotes? Rats?

    Seriously, though, it seems to me like the pedicabs are doing a nice job of carting around mobility-challenged tourists in the park and delivering to them the experience they crave. The factoids I overhearing them telling their fares seem just as fanciful and entertaining (and untrue) as those I overhear the handsome cab drivers telling. Why on earth institutionalize a “tradition” of cars in the park, instead of simply going with the modern, environmentally-suitable options of pedicabs?

  • Black Boxes in Cars: If you read the article, it sounds like the black boxes will overwrite the recorded data concerning the motorists’ speed and use of brakes in connection with a collision, unless an airbag deploys as a result of the collision. That would make the black box completely usesless in most crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists.