Today’s Headlines

  • Can the Unions Upend Albany? (Daily Politics
  • News Names 24 Shameless Lawmakers Who Blasted MTA on Student MetroCards, Including …
  • Jeff Klein, Now Backing Bid to Exempt Private Schools From Transit Tax (Times Union)
  • Shuffling the Deck Chairs: Walder Considers More Changes to Bus Cuts (News, Post)
  • Schumer Nets Stim Cash for 2nd Ave Subway, Station Rehabs, East Side Access (SAS, Bklyn Eagle)
  • School Bus Drivers Vote to Strike Over Health Care Bennies (NY1)
  • City to Take Control of Brooklyn Bridge Park, Governors Island (City Hall)
  • Speeding Drivers Are the Biggest Problem on Brooklyn’s Fourth Ave (Bklyn Paper)
  • De Blasio Drafts Bill to Improve NYPD Oversight (AMNY)
  • Detectives Don’t See Why They Can’t Park Wherever They Want (Post via Gothamist)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “The group agreed something must be done to ‘send a message’ to Albany.”

    Sounds like more pension enhancements, reductions in public services, tax hikes and borrowing. What other message would they send, other than the fact that the serfs have it too good? Haven’t they gotten enough of that already?

    If inflation gets going, perhaps they’ll want a minimum wage cut too, to reduce their prices when they buy goods and services produced by private sector workers.

  • Thank you, Albany, for realizing that you’re too incompetent to have a stake in our parks! Now could you please get your inefficient, politically-motivated hands off of our rail- and road-ways, too?

  • vnm

    Re Klein:

    Under the proposal, private schools would still pay the same amount into the payroll tax that is supposedly “dedicated” to the MTA. However, they’d be reimbursed for those payments by the State. This is the way it is set up for public schools now.

  • Geck
  • Geck

    In addition to adding Bike Directions on Google Maps (which accounts for bike paths, bike lanes, hills, busy streets in mapping routes) Google has added bike lanes and preferred bike routes to Google Maps (and transit-was that there before?) in the More check boxes.

  • I think the Gov. Island, Brooklyn Br. Park and Javits Center is just the beginning. I hope the State gives the city everything it owns in the five boroughs.

  • I hope the state also hands back control of rent regulation to the city.

  • Best thing about Google bike directions is that you can “grab” the route line and drag it somewhere else if you don’t like one of the streets it suggests.