Today’s Headlines

  • Prendergast Briefs City Council: Planned Service Cuts Worst in 35 Years (AMNY, WNYC)
  • Walder Won’t Rule Out Fare Hike (NYT, SAS)
  • Pricing Foe David Weprin, Crisis-Denier Toby Stavisky Decry Bus Cuts (Post)
  • Rockaway Dem District Leader Vows Civil Disobedience Over Cross Bay Bridge Toll (Post)
  • Ben Kabak Looks at Pros and Cons of One-Operator Trains
  • Suspect in Phelan-Guerrero Hit-and-Run Holds Press Conference (News, NY1)
  • Letitia James, BID Want DOT to Calm Deadly Flatbush Avenue (YourNabe)
  • Snow Storm Puts Taxi-Sharing Program on Hold (NY1)
  • Six-Month Roosevelt Island Tram Shutdown Set to Begin March 1 (Voice)
  • New Police Chief Takes a Meeting With LA Cyclists (Streetsblog LA)
  • Gavin Newsom Announces a Dozen New Public Plazas for This Year (Streetsblog SF)
  • Amman, Jordan Fostering Citizenship One Sidewalk at a Time (NYT)

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  • Glenn

    Without the Tram, there is only the F train and the Lift bridge to Astoria, Queens. What Roosevelt Island needs is direct access to the Queensboro Bridge.

    The RI residents are all for it, but DOT says it is not feasible (because of ADA?). It seems like a win-win. RI gets walkable route to midtown and one of the areas of the city with little open space, gets access to nearby open space that is hard to access.

    Time for DOT to re-consider this idea

  • Larry Littlefield

    “I’ve been in this business for 35 years, and we’ve never seen cuts of this order of magnitude,” NYC Transit president Thomas Prendergast said.”

    I predict it will get worse than that, perhaps much worse.

    I think there are lots of people who have to face that fact that, for them, this is good news. They may have had lingering questions whether they extracted all they could from the MTA in fare discounts, reduced tax support, pension enhancements, work rules blocking productivity, and excess contractor payments. Soon, perhaps they will be satisfied that they “won.”

  • cs

    I’ve seen a few politicians claiming that they are going to independently look into MTA finances, and try to see if things are really as desperate as MTA is portraying them. As far as I know, those promises never come to anything and in the end MTA gets whatever they say they need.

  • mike

    @cs – MTA gets whatever they need? You’re kidding, right?

  • Larry Littlefield

    “In the end MTA gets whatever they say they need.”

    In the end, the MTA Board agrees to make up the losses by borrowing. Until it is bankrupt. Any soul searching by that board? Any of them want to talk about what happened, in less than obsequious language? I don’t think so.

  • J. Mork

    I don’t want to pay more for my subway ride. But if the choice is between that and decreased service and increased automobile dependency, I would happily pay triple.

  • These Rockaway idiots had the opportunity to get rid of the Cross Bay and Gil Hodges bridge tolls permanently while also bringing some new transit service to their neighborhood during the congestion pricing / East River Bridge tolls debate. They were nowhere to be found. That’s South Brooklyn and Queens “leadership” for ya. Keep yelling.