Today’s Headlines

  • Walder: Layoffs "Just the Beginning" of MTA Overhaul; TWU Balks at Pay Freeze (News, AMNY)
  • Suspect in Erinn Phelan Hit-and-Run Found, Says Sister Was Driving (NYT, News, Post, NY1)
  • Man Who Stole Idling Car and Killed Two Pedestrians in Middle Village Gets 7.5 to 15 Years (NY1)
  • DMV Employees Arrested for Selling Fake Licenses (WNYC, Post)
  • City Room Consults BicyclesOnly on Garage Compliance
  • In 1896, Bedford Ave. Didn’t Need a Bike Lane (Gothamist)
  • Property Owners Say City Plan Will Bring More Traffic to Willets Point (Crain’s)
  • "Queens Parking Crunch," No. 6: What’s Wrong With This Picture? (News)
  • Ferry Service From Rockaways to Manhattan Will End in March (News, City Room)
  • Transport Politic Sees Opportunities to Better Transit in Southeast Queens
  • New Guide Advises Cities on How, and How Much, to Charge for Parking (Planetizen)

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  • vnm

    Long Island’s paper of record comes out in favor of congestion pricing, but you have to be a subscriber to get the story.

  • In a strange way, Walder seems to be making a lot of the right moves for the MTA: Threatening service cuts, fare increases, ending free student MetroCards and labor cuts all at the same time!

    No more empty promises or grandstanding allowed. No more false trade-offs. He’s like Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire: “Show me the Money”. It’s going to be an interesting few months as deadlines approach.

    I like his spunk!

  • J. Mork
  • ddartley

    I’m repeating what I’ve said before, but the guy who stole the idling car wouldn’t have been able to go on his double-homicide ride if the legal operator of the car hadn’t left it unattended and running. Just one more reason the city is way overdue in cracking down on idling. If it had done something about idling long ago, maybe this guy would have thought twice about walking away with the engine running.

  • ddartley, the idling crackdown is superfluous. NYPD points out on their website that it is illegal to leave your vehicle with the motor running. “Under the law, the owner or authorized driver of a car may not leave the vehicle unattended without locking the ignition and removing the key. [Link]

  • vnm

    That’s it. Nice find J.Mork.

  • ddartley

    Jonathan, I said “crack down on,” not “outlaw.”

    I’m aware that unattended idling is already illegal. Perhaps I should have been even more repetetive (but also more specific) and said that the city should have long ago given TEAs the ability to cite for idling, and unattended idling.

    If TEAs had already had such power for a long time, then the rightful driver might have been conditioned to turn his engine off, and the killer wouldn’t have hopped in. To that extent, idling is not superfluous here. I said it was “one more reason,” not the biggest reason, to crack down on idling.

  • According to the Levine & Slavit law firm,

    The pedestrians’ families will be able to hold Mr. Guerrero [the vehicle owner] liable for the conscious pain and suffering the young men sustained from their personal injuries as well as for their wrongful deaths.

    “I could be the defendant in a wrongful-death lawsuit,” not to mention, “My most valuable piece of personal property could be stolen,” are insufficient reasons to turn off the ignition when leaving one’s motor vehicle, but “I could get a $375 idling ticket” is enough? If you say so.

  • ddartley

    Uh, people speed until they see a cop, don’t they?