Hummer Going the Way of the Dodo

The days are numbered for the military vehicle that carmakers turned into the bane of pedestrians, cyclists and planet Earth. GM has announced plans to wind down Hummer production after a deal to sell the brand to a Chinese manufacturer fell apart. According to the Times, the Chinese government wanted no part of Hummer because it is "trying to put a new emphasis on limiting China’s dependence on imported oil and protecting the environment."

A Hummer H2 weighs in at more than 6,600 pounds, measuring about 17 feet long by 6.75 feet wide. Anyone with a plain old driver’s license can pilot one on crowded city streets. Evidence suggests that laws should be amended to protect the public from such a risk. Now, at least, there will gradually be fewer and fewer chances to wield these civilian tanks where they don’t belong.

Video of Arnold testing out the first civilian Hummer via

  • Larry Littlefield

    New York missed its chance go slow the SUV menace. It could have altered the rules for parkways to focus on vehicle size, rather than just banning “commercial” vehicles. I fear there are too many of them around for that to happen now, but if that changes in ten years perhaps there will be another chance.

  • vnm

    Good riddance to a product line that never should have existed in the first place.

  • Clarence Eckerson

    It won’t be back.

  • Josh

    I have to admit that I thought it was a little funny when it was just Arnold, or maybe even the Eurotrash guy with the shrill voice in the movie “The Rock”. Now it’s just obnoxious though.

  • Good news for the Zozo.

  • Peter Engel

    This is no eulogy, but let’s get real — we have less problems with Hummer’s existence than with the people who drive them. You know what I’m talking about — scared post-9/11 soccer moms, men masking their, you know, “inadequacies,” and people of all stripes and demographics lying to themselves that they needed an H2 for “going off-road,” “snow conditions” or “its utility.” Which was all BS.

    The Hummer H2 was nothing more than a puffed-up, testasterone-styled blowup doll that was all marketing and image. GM created this craze to justify the ill-advised purchase of a niche little brand for rich people. It was based on a vehicle I find relatively inoffensive — the very functional Chevy Silverado pickup truck. The one that truly repulsed me as a consumer vehicle — the Ford Expedition — prompted the Sierra Club to call it “The Exxon Valdez.” Thankfully that one went RIP four years ago.

    Let’s hope this particular era of vehicular madness is well and truly ending, because the big SUV isn’t quite over yet. There are still plenty of Range Rovers, Land Cruisers, Suburbans and the like still being made and sold. They may even serve a useful purpose somewhere — just not on the NYC streets.

  • better known as dinsaurus amongus

  • meant: better known as dinosaurus amongus


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