March 5: Come Party With Streetsblog and the Guy Who Started It All


My former boss Aaron got lots of people excited in his farewell post when he said we’d be throwing a going-away party on February 5. It took us a little bit longer than we anticipated to steel ourselves for this moment, but now we’re ready. The party is on for Friday, March 5. If you’re in New York City in two weeks, we’d love to see you.

We’ll be putting on a rousing sendoff for Aaron, raising money for the Streetsblog cause, and talking livable streets over some tasty food and drink. And yes, there will be Karaoke. Rumor has it Aaron sings a mean "D’yer Mak’er" that you absolutely will not want to miss.

Here’s where to RSVP — hope to see you there!

  • i am so there! D’yer Mak’er? never saw Aaron do that one but he does a mean BRT version of Young MC’s “Bus’ a Move”

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    That is a great silhouette of Aaron singing from the audition tape he sent into “American Idol”.

    As for me, I want to sing the Shoup-Shoup de Doop song with him…

  • you mean this one:

    Here we go, here we go, here we
    go again

    what’s our city’s weakness?

    So well it’s a spell, hell,
    makes me wanna go to a lecture by

    Donald Shoup

  • I’m already practicing this karaoke number:

  • J. Mork

    I was just thinking that this song defined the 80s — then I saw that it came out in 1979. A prophet!

    He also clearly foresaw the 2010 cab driver distraction crack-down:

    Here in my car
    I can only receive
    I can listen to you
    It keeps me stable for days
    In cars


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