Today’s Headlines

  • Liberated Broadway Round-Up: Crain’s, WNYC, NY1, Post, News, AP
  • Bill de Blasio and Liz Krueger Wonder If Safer Streets Serve the Public Interest (NYT)
  • Marcia Kramer in Panic Mode: Sadik-Khan "Unmoved" by Slightly Delayed Cabs (WCBS)
  • Monserrate Launches Legal Offensive to Hold on to Senate Seat (NYT, AP)
  • So If It’s, Like, Snowing, I Can Park Anywhere I Want, Right? (City Room)
  • MTA Augments PR Tools With Facebook and Twitter (City Room)
  • Portland Bike Plan Passes With Unanimous Vote and $20M Budget (Bike Portland)
  • Timothy Egan: U.S. Will Be Propping Up Suburbia for Generations to Come
  • Recall Frenzy Ignores America’s Primary Road Hazard: Defective Drivers (LA Bikes)
  • For Valentine’s Day, Times Bike Column Celebrates Love on Two Wheels; Bike Snob Responds

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  • Very disappointing quote from Liz Krueger. I thought much better of her since she’s been pretty good on Select Bus Service and other neighborhood issues. Oh well, Upper Green Side will be following up with her to err…ummm…clarify her statement.

  • Shemp

    Aren’t there some idiots here who were saying “Vote for DeBlasio”?

  • Re: Krueger. I can understand why she or any other elected official representing the area would appreciate advance notice of the decision and a peek at the data set. However, I am looking to elected officials to provide consistent leadership toward goals that I (of course) endorse. Liz Krueger’s job is not to supervise DOT and the Mayor’s office; it’s to build coalitions and write legislation to enact her community’s goals.

  • TKO

    Read the Bike Snobs take on the love on two wheels from the Times!


  • Moser

    I challenge anyone here to find a single instance of Liz Krueger’s interest in Times Square over the last year prior to the NY Times sticking a microphone in front of her yesterday.

  • Thanks TKO. That’s a must for the stack.

  • Is it possible that traffic speeds haven’t picked up yet is that some people are driving using GPS data that is old? A relatively few drivers can cause major delays if they drive even a bit slower.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Maybe the drivers just slowed down because there is something to look at. Or maybe fewer people were run over because the drivers slowed down.

    Anyhow, I was talking with a neighbor on the way to the subway today. I told her I had planned to ride in, but the snowpiles made the streets so narrow I was worried about being hit by an impatient motorist trying to squeeze by.

    She told me that where she works (Bensonhurst) there are lots of day laborers on bicycles in all weather. Those riders are probably not picked up in any count of people getting around by bicycle. With regard to the “hidden cyclists,” I wonder if surveys of particular intersections in middle-density areas of the outer boroughs could be conducted, perhaps by high school kids.

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    Someone needs to challenge Marcia Kramer to go car-free for a week (or even a day!) The woman has no idea what it is like to be a real New Yorker. She really doesn’t.

  • Josh

    “Bill de Blasio … Wonder[s] If Safer Streets Serve the Public Interest”

    That’s not really what he said, but don’t let that get in the way of writing a snarky headline, I guess.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Thanks for that observation Larry, and it is not just day laborers you are observing. They are largely young Latin Workers many peiople assume to be both illegal and day laborers. I know one guy who has held a job at the same place for 20 years, still bikes to work to send his mother this much more in Oaxaca. Largely unfranchized politically they are the key to the low wage labor market. I have always hoped TA and the other advocates could provide an entre for them in American political life. My vision is a Cinco de Mayo bike race/organizing opportunity, but no one has picked up on it.

  • Hey Josh, all in all I think that’s a fair headline, but I could have been more specific. Maybe something like “… Question Mayor’s Right to Make Streets Safer” would have been better.

  • Sen. Krueger’s Communication Director wrote back to me:

    Senator Krueger told the reporter
    that she has always supported the pilot and that she was pleased with its the success (i.e. increased access and safety for pedestrians,

    But she also objected to the Mayor having refused to release the
    report to the public and press before he made the decision to make it permanent. This is bad government and bad democracy regardless of the issue or what side of the issue you are on.

    Kyle Sklerov
    Director of Communications
    State Senator Liz Krueger

    I responded with:

    Kyle – that context was not in the article so it was very concerning that the quote from Sen. Krueger was negative. It left the public impression that she was against the plan. I’ve seen a lot of politicians hedge issues by claiming bad process and being against something on those grounds or making some personal attack just because they could share some of the credit for something. It looks like petty politics. What exactly would Sen Krueger think is the right policy? Release the study and let every grandstanding obstructionist control the media cycle for a few days?

    The Mayor has wide discretion on this issue and he used it appropriately and boldly (in the face of wide criticism) to achieve a very positive outcome. I wish more elected officials showed the type of bold leadership on environmental issues that he has. I hope Sen. Krueger releases a public statement detailing her support for Times Square and a process that she would accept for these types of decisions.

  • Glenn, bravo.

    Neitehr Liz Kreuger nor Bill de Blasio’s comments about Times Square/Herald Square improvements being an assault on democracy hold water. The mayor is an elected official who acted legally.

    I’d like to hear de Blasio or Kreuger just come out and say whether they are for or against it —- asking for more unnecessary process at this point is tantamount to being against a safer, healthier midtown.

  • Michael Steiner

    Did anybody else notice the change of the headline of the NYT article from the paper to the online edition? The paper edition had an infuriating title “A flawed Traffic Solution, but a Broadway Hit” whereas the headline of the online version is more neutral with “New York Traffic Experiment Gets Permanent Run”. Not that the windshield perspective from NYT metro could write something like “Hugely successfully Broadway make over made permanent” or alike ….

  • Another point that I want to add to this, since I and many others on this page have known about this project since its genesis: this was a total bottom-up plan from day one. Now Sen. Krueger is painting as not “of the people, by the people”.

    Just to review a little history: Transportation Alternatives, along with a large group of environmental activists from across the City, made a strong concerted effort over a long period of time to make this happen. They convinced the local BIDs, they showed examples from other cities, they created data on safety, they convinced the mayor to appoint a forward thinking transportation commissioner and they systematically built a strong case for this plan.

    In fact the criticism of this decisions on the basis of it being top-down is exactly wrong. This was not hatched in some backroom at City hall. This effort is instead a great case example of a motivated group of citizens activating government to do something in the public interest.

    It’s criticisms like Senator Krueger’s that make citizen activists that worked long and hard on a project extremely angry and resentful of their elected officials. I can’t express how irritating it is for elected official to make claims of bad process when this is a great expression of how citizen involvement can make a difference versus the circus that our state elected officials provide for the evening news.

  • joe

    You Streetsbloggers drive me crazy. You only care about process when it fits your own agenda.. when it doesn’t who needs process? Senator Krueger has been a leader on issues like BRT and pedestrian safety in her district.

    Legislators and executives are always fighting about process.. and it seems like she raises a legitimate point.

    The headline describing Krueger’s concerns is completely out of line with her quote. Is Streetsblog competing with the NYPost for its commitment to accuracy? You’re really doing your readers and the public a great disservice with your sloppy interpretations.