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  • Brad, the Daily News ran a Compstat article too yesterday.

  • Re: Markowitz’s proposal for Fourth Ave.

    I do like trees, and I love the idea of a major redesign of Fourth Ave, but planting trees and flowers in the median to echo Park in Manhattan seems like a bad move. I know that a lot of rich folks along Park Ave love their plantings, but I’ve never been that charmed. I mean, who enjoys them? Peds, who can check out the plantings in the middle of crossing the avenue. Bike riders or auto drivers, just passing through?

    I’d rather see a safer redesign of Fourth Avenue, with something along the lines of what Markowitz is opposed to doing on Prospect Park West.

  • Cuozzo rants that pedestrianized blocks at Times Square are

    often barricaded for one dubious use or another — like last Thursday’s loud, pedestrian-blocking “prayer vigil” for Haiti featuring self-promoting speakers including much-in-the-news Rev. Floyd Flake. Isn’t that what churches and synagogues are for?

    No, you jackass. The most important use of streets is for public speech and assembly, not for moving traffic. Especially when Broadway is rendered redundant as a right of way by adjacent 6th and 7th Avenues.

    You’d think that a professional journalist might have at least some insight into to the First Amendment. Not Cuozzo.

  • TKO

    Consevative DC Blogger hit by Secret Service SUV?

    MAybe not.

    Strange, the Secret Service seems to have nothing to do with the accident. The story seems stranger every day:

  • Frank L Baum

    Per that Daily News report on Kew Garden interchange, how much would $150 million in improvements buy on Queens Boulevard? The crash rate on that section of Kew maybe 45x the state avg, but how does it compare to Queens Blvd, especially serious injury crashes? Is there intelligent life looking at how to get the biggest bang for state “safety” dollars? Mind you, that section of highway stinks, but so do a lot of surface streets with more serious problems.

  • I love the Post column about Times Square, in which Cuozzo demands the situation be righted by:

    “giving us back the Times Square that worked very well for 100 years by restoring the old traffic pattern and getting rid of the plazas”

    100 years ago… I’m with you, Mr. Cuozzo, considering 100 years ago was BEFORE we bastardized the public space known as the Urban Street into mere traffic corridors! In fact, judging by this post-card dated 1910:

    I would GLADLY take back the Times Square of 100 years ago! Looks to me like a pedestrian paradise!