Today’s Headlines

  • More on the Payroll Tax Shortfall That’s Wreaking Havoc With Transit Finances (News, AMNY)
  • Transpo Chair Jimmy Vacca Aiming to "Remain Neutral" on Bike Lanes, Car-Free Spaces (City Hall)
  • Marcia Kramer Found Two Disgruntled Cabbies to Groan About Car-Free Times Square (CBS)
  • Schoolkids to Albany: Don’t Mess With Free Student MetroCards (Post)
  • Manhattan CB4: Lets Turn Some Lincoln Tunnel Approaches Into Parks (Chelsea Now)
  • NYC and Miami Cyclists Ride in Solidarity Sunday for Slain Christophe Le Canne (Transit Miami)
  • More of This, Please: Brooklyn Cops Nab Bike Thief (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Design Commission Gatekeepers Put an End to Artsy Bike Rack Menace (David Byrne)
  • Car-Sharing on the Rise in North America and Europe (TreeHugger)
  • Geneva City Council Votes to Make 200 Blocks Car-Free (Cool Town Studios)

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  • From the comment under the Vacca article at City Hall:

    “Communities that have burgeoning cycling populations need to be supported.” Why? And “burgeoning cycling populations” are certainly not in the entire system of New York city streets. Bicycles are HOBBY, a childhood hobby. Why do millions of adults have to be displaced for the benefit of an arrogant few who hate modernity and city life anyway?

    Wow…so much to work with there: Real men drive cars, only children ride bikes. Bike lanes somehow displace “millions of adults”. Bike lanes benefit arrogant cyclists (I mean children) who are basically Luddites at heart because modernity = urban spaces dominated cars.

    We have a lot of work to do folks!

  • That Lincoln Tunnel approach proposal would be a tremendous improvement. Right now, Ninth Avenue between 30th and 37th Streets is dominated by changes that previous administrations have made to accommodate tunnel traffic. There are several places where it feels really unsafe to walk, and consequently there is not as much foot traffic as on other parts of Ninth.

    This proposal is an opportunity for the DOT to correct previous mistakes and revitalize the area.

  • I make it a point to visit cities with significant car-free districts. Looks like I’ll be visiting Geneva someday, finances permitting. Those 200 car-free blocks are something I’ve got to see.

  • Having been to Genevra a few times, I wonder how exactly that will work. I presume deliveries will be allowed at certain hours?

    Zurich has lots of pedestrian only streets because of the hills, but Geneva is pretty flat. There are already some major pedestrian-only streets in Geneva.

    Also, anyone who wants to explore a car free city should visit old Venice.

  • re: Geneva City Council Votes to Make 200 Blocks Car-Free (Cool Town Studios)

    obviously, any town that goes car-free has a lot class, panache, and good sense!