Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Address Ignores State of the Union’s Cities; Major HSR Reveal Expected Today (DMI, NRDC)
  • More Coverage of Inter-Agency Street Safety Pledge: News, City Room, Advance
  • Improvements for Cyclists and Peds on Prospect Park West? DOT Isn’t Talking (News)
  • New TLC Ban on Distracted Driving Takes Effect Tomorrow (Post)
  • Changing Course, Bloomberg Says Terror Trial Too Disruptive for Lower Manhattan (NYT, Post)
  • Eminent Domain Fight Threatens Hudson Train Tunnel Timeline (NYT)
  • Gothamist Weighs the Relative Merits of MTA Shuttle Buses
  • Renovation Will Bring Tennis, If Not TV, Back to Grand Central Terminal (AMNY)
  • Man Killed by 5 Train at Atlantic Avenue (City Room)
  • Unpainted Speed Bumps Cause a Stir in Astoria (News)
  • Gov’t Scholar, Former Indy Mayor: Chicago Parking Privatization Got a Bum Rap (Governing)
  • Bailout-Declining Ford Reaps First Yearly Profit Since 2005 (NYT)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Since the Prospect Park bike path is one way, what the Borough President wants when he says use the Prospect Park bike path northbound is for me to travel around the park and add 1.2 miles and the steepest hill in Brooklyn to my nine mile commute to work. This to keep a third motor vehicle lane on Prospect Park West.

    Very well, then cut a motor vehicle lane out of the park and make the bike path there two-way.

  • HSR: Good, but really it would be better to just reactivate the intracity transit & intercity rail that was in place in 1950.

    KSM: 2004 RNC far more disruptive than any terror trial. aka, it’s all politics. McCain was gloating over Bloomberg’s flip-flop.

    TLC: I’ll believe the enforcement when I see it.

  • clever-title

    Over the objections of groups like NARP, we were told that the new ARC tunnel wouldn’t go to Penn Station (old or new) because it would take too long and cost too much. Did that cost and time analysis take into account the fact that the project would have to go through these negotiations for the NJ Transit dungeon station?