Today’s Headlines

  • Brodsky‘s Prediction: State and City Will Step Up and Pay for Student MetroCards (Post, AMNY)
  • Bus Lane Enforcement Cams Can Get Through Albany, Says MTA Chair (NY1)
  • EPA Proposes Strengthening Bush Admin Smog Standards (NYT)
  • Quinn Puts Recchia Atop Finance Committee; Queens Rep Comrie Expected to Get Land Use (Post)
  • Drivers Bypassing Queens Traffic Sewers Wreak Havoc on Residential Streets (Queens Chron)
  • Kids’ Lives at Risk From Constant Stream of Wrong-Way Traffic Near Bronx School (NY1)
  • Astoria Residents Want Calmer Traffic on 21st Ave (Queens Chron)
  • Street Safety on Margaret Chin’s Agenda as She Begins City Council Tenure (Downtown Express)
  • Teacher Fighting for Life After Pill-Popping Model Blacked Out Behind the Wheel (News)
  • Fantastic Video: Snowy January Biking in Copenhagen (Copenhagenize)

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  • vnm

    Politicians aren’t the only ones to falsely attribute things to the MTA.

    Brodsky, who is not the MTA, but is rather a New York State Assemblyman, comes out of a meeting and predicts that, in the future, student MetroCards are likely to be saved … by the government.

    This is translated by Gothamist, to:
    MTA Says Student Fares Won’t Be Cut After All

    (Note also, student fares aren’t in jeopardy of being cut. They’re in jeopardy of being raised.)

  • Josh

    Don’t just “predict”, Brodsky, make it happen.

  • Regarding the NY1 report on wrong-way traffic:

    Moreover, the station called the Department of Transportation, and while the agency said appropriate signage appears to be in place, it will look into whether any additional steps can be taken to improve safety at this intersection.

    Sounds like a diverter would help. Or making 203rd Street eastbound instead of westbound. Google Maps actually shows it as eastbound; was it changed at some point?

  • Check out this spot-on coverage of dangerous road design and pedestrian safety from Connecticut: (smoother video at WTNH’s YouTube account:

    Unfortunately, ConnDOT’s initial response to our “Most Dangerous Roads for Walking” report has been to blame the victim. Our coverage is at

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    There is a big difference of opinion on the student passes on the Transit Authority depending on where in the MTA region your politics reside. Up in Brodsky territory, Westchester, there are a lot of MTA commuters but, the communities pay for cheese buses or SUVs to take the young suburbanites to school. The MTA payroll tax is one of the biggest political issues in the burbs, second only to the incomes of the teachers teaching the little suburbanites. Why are suburban Assemblypeople and Senators going to bend over backwards to pay for city kids free ride to school? Granted, Shelly could pass a ham sandwich (is that politically incorrect? should it have been belly lox?) through the Assembly but the dingbat Democratic duo, Craig Johnson and Brian Foley hate the payroll tax, the City and the MTA enough by themselves to kill it.

    The school passes are going to be the big McGuffin in the next round of the transit funding steel cage death match in the Legislature. It is going to fire up the City voters and editorial writers. Wait until you see the public hearings, I can see it all now, miles of little kids lined up at the microphone.

    I think Bloomberg will have to get out the checkbook for this after a few dozen Manhattan Institute Op-Eds proposing to pay for school passes with transit workers pensions.