Today’s Headlines

  • Rumors Intensify That Quinn May Hand Transpo Committee to Jimmy Vacca (News)
  • Decking Over the BQE? City Has More Modest Plans to Green Highway Trench (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Albany Fails to Keep Non-Voting Rider Advocates on MTA Board (News)
  • Big Rig Driver Hits and Kills Man Outside Grand Central, Never Noticed the Victim (Post)
  • "Officer" Pedro Espada Caught Parking in Front of a Hydrant (BoogieDowner, Post)
  • State Sen. Toby Stavisky Just Doesn’t Believe MTA’s Dire Financial Situation (Queens Chron)
  • Ben Kabak Debunks the Revisionist Transit History of Rep. Aileen Gunther (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • More on Sunday’s Memorial Walk and Ride (NY1)
  • The Staggeringly Sad State of American High-Speed Rail (NYT)
  • Are Wal-Mart Parking Lots the Most Violent Places in America? (HuffPo)

More headlines over at Streetsblog Capitol Hill.

  • David_K

    If I read the Post article correctly, the 77-year old man killed by the big rig driver was crossing Lexington Avenue legally (either that, or the driver was turning illegally).

    Driver was not charged.

  • As suggested by Ben Kabak from SAS in a post today, email Quinn to change her mind!

  • I wrote the following:
    Dear Speaker Quinn,
    Mass transit and livable streets in NYC go hand-in-hand. News that you are interested in selecting car-friendly James Vacca over transit-friendly Dan Garodnick to head the Transportation Committee is not only a bad choice for the future of responsible economic growth of our city, but also for the affordability and safety of the city’s residents. PlaNYC calls for increasing traffic and pedestrian safety, and increasing mass transit and making our streets safer is a co-requisite. Appointing Mr. Vacca would be a mistake and as one of nearly five million daily transit riders and bikers, I urge you to strongly consider Mr. Garodnick instead to head the Transportation Committee.