Bus Driver Hits and Kills Cyclist on Delancey Street

delancey_ludlow_scene.jpgImage: ABC 7.

WABC is reporting that a woman riding a bike was struck and killed by a school bus driver at the intersection of Delancey and Ludlow at around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. Streetsblog has a request in with NYPD for more information. From ABC’s aerial picture of the crash scene, it appears as though the fatal collision occurred on the east-bound side of Delancey.

The intersection is just a few blocks away from the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge. Since 2008, volunteer group Adopt-a-Bike Lane has been advocating for a protected bike path on this stretch of Delancey. "This is tragic news — no one should risk his or her life to get to and from the most popular bridge for biking in the country," said Adopt-a-Bike Lane coordinator Marin Tockman. "We can only hope that in the wake of such sad news that our city officials do something to improve this essential corridor."

  • Considering school buses always have the right of way, I fear the cyclist was at fault here.

  • Craig

    “right of way” is somewhat subjective, especially when it comes to bicycles. The bus could have been turning left across traffic, disregarding the approaching cyclist since there were no automobiles coming (this happens all too often, I was a victim of such an accident and was lucky to survive).

  • Will

    My thoughts are with this woman’s friends and family.

    Jass, what you’re saying is simply not true and speculation at best. There are myriad instances when a school bus does not have the right of way.

  • @jass,

    What? That’s not close to being true. This is sad news.

  • Craig makes a fair point, that’s a possible scenario. I jumped to the thought that the cyclist passed a stopped bus and then the bus started moving. There’s no point in speculation though.

  • I rode past this scene on my way home tonight. I was going to stop and take a photo, but out of respect, I declined.

    From the looks of things (and from the traffic on Delancey), it was a mess. My thoughts go out to the cyclist’s friends and families. If you’re riding out there, be safe!

  • boomshanka

    delancey is a mess, and always extremely dangerous for bikers and pedestrians. i don’t ever cross against the light, and sometimes don’t even when i have a walk signal.

    theres definitely been a policy decision made that moving traffic on and off the bridge gets priority over safety. even tonight traffic police were waving cars through reds in front of me as i was crossing the street with a walk signal.

    the only traffic enforcement i routinely see is a block-the-box ticket trap on orchard and delancey, taking advantage of the poorly timed traffic lights at allen. not only is this unfair to drivers (i can see that and i don’t drive) but it makes the orchard/delancey intersection extremely dangerous for pedestrians.

  • Please, show me a competent, and/or non-drunk bus or access-a-ride driver and I’ll eat my hat.

    Yeah, I know that’s mean, but I rode all over Manhattan today, and seeing that sheet covering the body on streets I had passed on a few hours before….

  • s

    I rode by this scene on my way home.
    It was HELL.
    She was obviously riding on the right side. Most won’t agree, but I think it’s safer to brave the left side of Delancey on the way to the bridge.
    Very sad, it’s looks like she was just plain run down.

  • Jay

    According to news tonight, no charges filed. New DA, same result.

  • Just terrible. That stretch between Bowery and the WillyB is so dangerous I try to avoid the entire area when I’m not actually going to the bridge. I’ve been caught on the pedestrian island, trapped by turning cars, when I tried to cross with the light. Traffic cops who are posted there during rush hours are useless.

    This isn’t the first death on Delancey. Rasha Shamoon was killed there in 2008. Not too long ago a ConEd worker was run down when he stepped out of his truck. The entire area really needs to be redesigned.

  • Danny

    Awful and I’ll echo Stacy’s comments. This is one of the most-utilized bicycle corridors anywhere and deserves much better design for both bikes coming off the bridge as well as the approach. My thoughts go to the family and friends of the still unidentified victim of this incident.

  • Danton

    Bcos, Cyclist dont stop when they coming off WillBridge, looks like they having fun coming down fast, sometime they go left/right on delancey.

  • What a tragedy. My condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

  • According to Daily News:

    The bus, carrying two children, and the bicyclist were traveling east, near Ludlow St., when the bicyclist hit the side of the bus and was crushed by its rear wheels, police and a witness said.

    Blaming the victim? A FOIL request should be filed so that all of the evidence regarding who hit whom can be made public.

  • boomshanka

    the Post says she hit a pothole and fell into the side of the bus. there is a big pothole right near the scene. not that this changes any of the safety concerns we all have.

  • Moser

    Ride on Grand, ride on Rivington and Stanton. Don’t ride on Delancey.

  • Will

    Atlantic Express appears to be the same bus company that killed Jonathan Millstein on President and 8th last year.

  • > Blaming the victim

    It’s an explanation, not an accusation. Hitting a pothole while being passed by a truck is deadly, thus, so is bicycling on the right with no room to maneuver in the event of a pothole.

    Delancey’s a shit-show, reasonable behavior on it will get you killed. I hope this accelerates the inevitable DOT redesign with a centrally reserved bikeway, a la the forthcoming 2012 Adams St work.

  • Gothamist and NY1 are saying witnesses say the biker was killed after she hit a pothole, fell behind the bus, and the bus which was in reverse, backed over her.

  • DavidCEisen

    Biking home last night on Delancey a pick-up truck tried to speed through a light that just turned red, however there was a traffic cop in the middle of the intersection in front of him. The guy slams on his brakes and stops about 10 feet short of the cop, and has a big shit grin on his face. The cop just walked away. Its pretty amazing what traffic cops will let drivers getting away with–even nearly running them over!

  • glenn

    Gothamist is reporting that the school bus was in reverse when it killed the cyclist.

  • NattyB

    What a tragedy.

    What are those things in the ground called, that are metal and have all the holes in them, simliliar to a manhole cover. That don’t mesh perfectly into the road/ground. A grate? The things that women in high heels won’t walk over because their shoes would fall in?

    I ask, because I’ve almost Bailed when hitting one of those in traffic a few times. They’re like worse than some big potholes.

    Man, what a tragedy. I have to pass Delancy between Bowery and the Bridge everyday on my commute. When crossing Delancy, I either go under the bridge at Ridge, or take the protected bike lane at Allen. I sometimes take Clinton when heading North, but, man oh man, what a total f—ing sh-t show. Like, when I’m waiting for the light to change so I can cross north on Clinton while at the southeren end of Delancy in the evening, it’s like 8 lanes of traffic, orange cones, traffic lights everywhere and cars zooming on and off; it’s just a recipe for disaster.

    There’s just so much going on at that intersection, and the odds, given all the sh-t going down there, makes it likely, I think, that peds and bikers are going to die every year, regardless of recklessness, until some major redesigns go through.

    I am sympathetic to the traffic police’s emphasis on trying to keep traffic moving. There’s just so much traffic and it’s so poorly designed, that it’s natural that they want to, even need to, keep traffic moving. Though, yah, a major redesign is necessary.

  • Sarah

    I am sorry, but the people who drive buses in this city are idiots. Especially if you drive a school bus. They are not qualified enough to get a job with the MTA – so they have to work for these bus companies. They are increidbly unsafe, careless and have no respect. Good thing I don’t have a child taking the bus to school in this city. I am sure he was in the wrong.

  • Mary

    I work here on Delancey, right where the accident happened. We could look down and see the scene below us and it sticks with me even today. There was a huge pothole located right where the accident happened. How quickly the city filled it in today.

  • this is a sad… i hope they fix the streets on the corner of chrystie and hester before someone gets hurt.

  • Ian

    So yeah, I think this is article is referring to my grandmother. I have a CDL and have driven buses before, so I would be interested in knowing what happened.

  • Ian

    Sigh, found the information on other reports.

  • Shearn

    you’re all wrong…she lost control of her bike and fell. the bus driver was backing up and ran over her head.


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