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  • vnm

    The Bronx Democratic Machine may not be challenging Pedro Espada, but the real question is: What is the Mamaroneck Democratic Machine doing?

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Even with 2010 service cuts, the MTA will have to find other ways to plug the sudden budget gap, sources said.”

    When are they going to get serious and face the music? Are they planning to borrow money to pay for operating costs while eliminating maintenance as the entire system runs down to collapse, to please the state legislature?

    There are two options: ditch the debt and retiree obligations through bankruptcy, or shut down large portions of the system to shrink it to the level they can pay for while also paying for the party of the past, taking into account that the economy will downsize as well.

    I’m talking about shutting 40% the subway stops and telling straphangers they will have to walk, cutting 40% of the commuter rail runs and telling suburbanites they’ll either have to move closer to work or stand, and cutting most of the bus routes.

    “We’re not going to rely on anyone else to do anything for us. We’re going to rely on ourselves.”

    You can start my fairly describing how much of future revenues will go to past costs that are NOT associated with the expansion of the system (which is barely expanded), and how much the system will have to shrink to pay for them. And for God’s sake get out of those variable rate bonds — or stop paying them.

  • Boris

    When reading articles bashing the MTA, just replace “MTA” with “NYSDOT” everywhere. In my mind, they are equivalent, but only one gets blamed for New York’s transportation system being substandard and corrupt. I can barely imagine what sparks would fly if the NYSDOT was under the same scrutiny and transparency requirements as the MTA.

  • “So far, Espada’s been pretty decent,” one party source said. “I’m not so sure you’re going to find anyone willing to go up against him.”

    I believe this is a special sense of the word “decent” that means “bringing lots of pork to key constituents and pandering to the few who hold any power.” Is there anyone here who still believes that the Democratic party stands for anything other than increasing its own power?

  • And Dilan writes that his “greatest fear regarding the MTA” is not that his constituents might have to wait a lot longer for buses and trains, but that the MTA leadership will ignore him.

  • Finally, on the last possible day, the DoT finalizes its form for making a request for a bicycle access plan . . . except they won’t let you see the form. You have to provide detailed information regarding your lease before you can see the form. DoT is hindering employees from participating in the process by hiding the form that their employer must use to request a bicycle access plan from the building owner.

    This is not the only way in which first DoT disempowers employees in the process. Their draft eimplmeneting regs do not specify a complaint procedure or form (unlike the DCA’s complaint procedure for garage access complaints, which is very clear and easy to use). Instead, DoT expects employees with building access complaints to call 411 and spend 20 minutes explaining bikes-in-building access to the operator.

  • “We’re not going to rely on anyone else to do anything for us. We’re going to rely on ourselves.”