Video: The Bedford Avenue Guerrilla Bike Lane Striping

For your viewing pleasure this morning, YouTube footage of yesterday’s early a.m. direct action on Bedford Avenue in South Williamsburg. It’s hard to say for sure, but it looks like the Hasidic bike lane painters chose to stay off-camera. After the jump, a look at the results in broad daylight, courtesy of a tipster.


  • Amazing.

  • J

    The comments about this on Vos Iz Nieas are quite interesting. Apparently, the orthodox community is quite divided over the issue as well. Check it out here and here.

  • gecko

    I saw the rogue hasidim and it seemed that one looked just like Woody Allen with Sarah Pallin. Goodness knows that jews can be so mavericky!

  • Wow – the wide angle spray nozzle on the paint can is a good trick.

    They should try using rubber gloves next time to keep their hands from getting covered with evidence.

  • I’m not sure that the bike lane markers mean anything in that neighborhood anyway. Last night the Kent Ave bike lane was used as a massive parking lot. Here are some more details with photos:

  • fafacious

    I think my mouth hit the floor when I saw your photos Philip. I was naive enough to be surprised.

    Some might try to argue that cyclists have the bike lane on Kent Avenue, why do they need Bedford too? Sadly these pictures show just how little respect so many cyclists and their bike lanes receive from many drivers and car owners.

  • David_K

    Philip – those photos are damning. What time did you take them?

  • Love the DIY bike lanes, and the cooperation between pro-cycling communities.

    But they’ve gotta be joking with all those cars parked in the Kent Avenue lane.

  • Felix

    I had a great experience riding there Sunday: As I thought to myself “someone should repaint these lanes” I looked and saw that someone had done exactly that, at least in one small section. I guess they tried to finish the job late that night.

  • oh, if someone would only finesse this through to end up with a kermit green bike lane by week’s end.

  • PaulCJr

    Has anyone noticed that some comments were removed from this post?

  • j

    Oh, they did a very nice job, nice clean lines and all, nice stencils.

  • ED

    I need someone to do some parking stiping in Queens, please call me at


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