Today’s Headlines

  • City Council Wants Its Lax Parking Enforcement Law, Has the Votes to Override Bloomberg (AMNY)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Bronx Woman at Grand Concourse; CT Man Killed on Bx River Parkway (News)
  • Dutch Govt Approves Tax on Miles Driven (AP)
  • Meanwhile, Albany Can’t Even Follow Through With a $25 License Plate Fee (AMNY, NYT)
  • Shelly Silver Obstructing Tougher Penalties for DWI? It’s Happened Before (News)
  • Feds Want Oversight of Local Transit Safety (NYT, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Walkable Communities: The Key to Reducing Demand for Energy (TNR)
  • The Midtown Bus Glut — Time for a Bigger PA Terminal? (News)
  • Bklyn Paper Accuses Safer Sidewalks of Impeding Fire Trucks
  • Shocker: Queens Police Squads Take Up More Space Than Expected for Personal Parking (Post)
  • In Debut Season, Yankee Stadium Metro-North Stop Handled 500K Fans (NY1)
  • Go Figure: Working Stiffs From New York Love Times Square Plazas (NYT)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    My wife claims to have seen Senator Chuck Schumer peddling up our block on Saturday.

    He was riding in the wrong direction, which can be dangerous at the end of the block, where cars come around the corner and a building at the lot line blocks the view. Someone should tell him to refrain from doing so, at least until health care reform gets past the fillibuster.

  • Lawmakers said they planned to find another way to raise the $130 million in annual revenue that would have been generated [by the $25 license-plate charge], but none offered any immediate ideas.

    Ideas? Albany? Never!

  • Jasper

    Patterson will get the $130M by raising vehicle registration fees by the $25 that the new plates would have cost. The current blue and white ’empire’ plates are only 8 years old. They are not fading. The issuing of new plates would have been a waste of money. I don’t know why Patterson brought up the new plates idea anyway.

  • Kaja

    I’d pay $25 to replace my hideous white-and-blue Niagara plate drawn by someone’s talentless twelve year old, with that blue and orange retro hotness.

    I’d pay $25,000 to replace Shelly Silver.

  • vnm

    Queens driver kills a person and flees: netting some news coverage.

    Also, a Queens driver struck and killed a pedestrian in Astoria. The motorist stayed at the scene and was not charged. Thus, it warranted only a brief in the print edition of the Daily News, but no internet coverage. This pedestrian death is unGoogleable.

  • Doesn’t anyone in Albany have the brains or the guts to point out that NYC residents, while they may be better positioned to “avoid” the $25 plate surcharge, already pay more than their fair share for road upkeep and mass transit infrastructure, all of which is used to varying degrees by upstate residents whining about $25/car/yr?

  • JK

    The electeds in Albany are smart enough to not publicly support nuisance fees. Anyway, in Albany, it is the governor’s job to act like a grown-up. Yet another reason that Spitzer’s escapades set responsible governance back a long way.

  • brian

    as a frequent boltbus rider, i wish they did indeed utilize the PA terminal, since the SLOWEST part of the trip is often the final stretch in Manhattan. Some drivers will just let you off wherever, but my driver the other day spent over 20 minutes circling a block to get into proper position.

    To the extent that their curbside loading hurts businesses I really can’t comment. I’d imagine that having a bus load of tourists right next to your store can be a good thing.

  • Mac

    On the other hand, Schumer’s value as a traffic martyr would be off the charts.

  • LOL, Mac. I don’t wish any harm on Schumer, but if he got hit by a car his martyrdom might compensate a little of the damage that he’s done over the years by steering federal funding into upstate highways and airports and JetBlue instead of trains, buses and pedestrian and bike infrastructure.

  • I dont understand how a bus discharging 60 people and loading 60 people hurts business. These people want food, drinks, and somewhere to spend time while they wait.

    That being said, I am a fan of the Boston bus terminal (at south station), which all bus lines are required to use*. It’s warm, inside, there are restroom, food options and information screens.

    *Megabus had to change to another location (back bay bus loop) because their double-decker buses do not fit in the station.

  • More fit, not more fat, is what counts in my book. Less parental control over kids’ interaction with their world (even candy shops) is a good thing, unless taken to extremes.

  • I have yelled at schumer when he was expecting me to go outside of him while he was riding the wrong way on Adams (?) st in Bklyn. I told him he was going the wrong way, he looked shocked.

    I’ll never forgive him or his wife for those speed bumps they said couldn’t be removed from the WillyB. How many broken bones because of that needless design?

    The Bike- Salmon Senator.

  • J. Mork

    I hope you didn’t miss the chance to say “You’re going the wrong way, Senator.”

  • re: Meanwhile, Albany Can’t Even Follow Through With a $25 License Plate Fee (AMNY, NYT)

    Absolutely absurd!

    In Denmark, the registration tax on the purchase of a new car exceeds the price of the car by 180 percent. A new car that sells for $20,000 costs the buyer $56,000.

    In Singapore, the tax on a $14,200 Ford Focus, for example, more than triples the price, pushing it to $45,500.

    Other governments are moving in this direction. In Shanghai, the registration fee in 2009 averaged $4,500 per car.

  • That’s what I yelled, but I called him Chuck.

  • J. Mork

    I guess there was no time to say “I’ve biked with Jack Kennedy, Senator….”