Streetfilms: Congressman Earl Blumenauer Bikes NYC

Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer is one of Capitol Hill’s strongest voices for walking, biking and transit. Soon after arriving in Congress in 1996, he started the Congressional Bike Caucus, now more than 160 members strong, and he’s the founding chairman of the House’s new "Livable Communities Task Force," which he announced two weeks ago here on Streetsblog.

Blumenauer’s bike commute to the Capitol has become as much a personal hallmark as his predilection for bowties. So when he came to New York this weekend to stump for a progressive federal transportation bill, the congressman didn’t pass up the chance to tour our city’s evolving bike infrastructure with Paul Steely White and Noah Budnick of Transportation Alternatives. Clarence Eckerson and his camera were there too, of course.

Watch this Streetfilm to hear Blumenauer’s thoughts on the big federal transportation bill, the emergence of a national movement for safe biking and walking, and the difference between protected bike lanes and regular old Class 2 facilities. Then ask yourself: When will we get to see a rep from New York City walk, bike, or ride the bus with Clarence?

  • Glenn

    One day I “caught” Council Member Dan Garodnick and his wife getting on their bikes. It was not a publicity event or anything. I bet he would be game for something like this.

    Doesn’t Sen. Schumer ride? Maybe him and Gillibrand would be up for a ride in Prospect Park?

  • AlexB

    In addition to the great comments by Blumenauer, the video was a very nice overview of all the progress that has occurred recently. I enjoyed the shots of all the pedestrian plazas, it gives you a feel for the greater role they play in the intersection.

  • Groovy helmet Earl!

    Uhhh… mmmm… I mean, Congressman!

  • Hey, just Clarence here saying that if any NYC want to go for a tour (as Ben suggests) then let’s do it.

  • JK

    Clarence, this is nicely done. Also nice that a rep from Portland will ride here. Have any congress people from New York City ridden with the advocates or DOT and seen some of the great new bike lanes and paths? Or do they all ride in Portland?

  • Very good point about NYC being everybodys second city. If all this progress would have happened in…Orlando, or Columbus or Philly, it would have had a small impact on the national scene. So many people visit NYC, that when they go home they can ask why they dont have these bike lanes too.

  • pat

    great video! technically very good and well shot, too!


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