Election Day Open Thread #2: Returns and Ruminations

blogSpan.jpgWho will rule NYC streets come 2010? Photo: City Room

Conventional wisdom has it that the races for New Jersey governor and Congressional rep in New York’s 23rd District are the hottest (or, in the case of the latter, most bizarre) Election Day 2009 tickets. Though Daily Kos has declared the contest for mayor of New York to be "pretty well predetermined," we’ll be watching the returns just the same.

Leave your late-breaking news and observations in the comments. 

  • Sarah Goodyear

    I just went to vote and had a very weird experience. After 9+ years of voting at this address, most recently in the primary, my name wasn’t in the book. Poll workers said it had happened to lots of people. I had to fill out a paper ballot.

    Anyone else have this happen?

  • Glenn

    I was going to watch some of the out of state 7pm & 8pm poll closings on CNN, but then I saw that Lou Dobbs was on the TV. Oh well…back to NY1

  • Election night without Dominic Carter. That must be a first.

  • Glenn

    I was reading about Maine’s marriage equality campaign that took advantage of Maine’s flexible voting registration – early voting, same day registration…there’s no excuse to not vote. We need same-day registration and early voting too. It would allow a lot greater participation in the general election and the primaries.

  • vnm

    I voted to allow that weird upstate land transfer. Against the prison labor thing.

  • nytimes.com just called it for Bloomberg

  • …half an hour after publishing this item by Michael Barbaro.

  • Glenn

    the graphic on NYTimes has 46% precincts reporting and only about 550k votes. If that’s right, could we have only about million votes cast? That would be embarrassing!

  • Bloomberg wins with more than 50 percent of the vote. Works for me. I think overspending cost him a few points. Let’s roll out some more protected bike lanes. Does Broadway on the UWS really need eight lanes devoted to the movement and storage of cars? Could it become car-free on weekends? How about some speed bumps at 96th St. from the Henry Hudson exit to Broadway?

    One thing the talking heads are not saying about Corzine’s defeat is that his involvement in a speeding-related crash may have cost him. That and his association with Goldman Sachs.

    Looks like the far right lost one in the upstate race between Owens and Hoffman. Scozzafava, the Republican who withdrew and endorsed the Democrat, deserves our thanks for routing moderate Republican votes away from the extremist. It was a gutsy and farsighted thing to do.

  • Geck

    Bloomberg 554,422 51%
    Thompson 504,670 46%
    Others 36,638 3%
    99% reporting

    A lot closer than expected.

  • Kaja

    Scozzafava may deserve your thanks. I for one am shocked and dismayed that the Democrat won — though I much prefer him to Scozzafava herself, who was truly miserable.

    Lander came in well under what I expected in my district; Bloomberg won by too slim a margin for my taste. And I don’t know anything about Jersey’s Republican because I didn’t expect him to win — all I know is that the Democrats called him a fatty. Now I have to go read.

    Thompson just conceded on NY1; did anyone catch it?

  • Given Thompson’s strong showing, he is the heir apparent in 2013. Livable streets advocates have a lot of organizing work to do over the next four years to prevent a rollback of the Bloomberg-era street improvements under a Thompson administration.

  • Glenn

    BO is right that Thompson is now the heir in 2013, but he will have a lot more competition in the primary


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