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  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    Yesterday I plunked down my first 50 cents to help the MTA when I had to get a taxi (one of maybe 2 or 3 a year I end up taking.)

    Car drivers, what’s the big deal?

  • vnm

    Cab vs. cab crash leads to scaffolding collapse in the Village.

    that one of the cabs tried to overtake the other before the two collided and careened across Broadway at the corner of E. 8th Street, jumping the curb and coming to rest on the sidewalk under the scaffolding.

  • Car Free Nation

    My company has started paying the payroll tax. Since we’re a small company, it’s money that comes directly out of my pocket, and restricts our ability to invest in our people. It really bothers me that those drivers who cause the most trouble get a free ride, while we subsidize them through our taxes, no matter how we get to work.

    I just want to take a moment to thank the three amigos for their great work. (sarcasm intended here)

  • Is it a coincidence that Game 1 is the only one the Phillies have won? I think not. If the whole team uses transit for the remainder of the series, there’s hope for defeating the Evil Empire yet.

  • jsd

    This is a reminder for any Staten Island residents to get out and vote for John Luisi tomorrow. Improving transit, slowing the proliferation of big box stores, and improving cyclist infrastructure are huge parts of his campaign.

    And if you live on the South Shore like me, give Janine Materna a shot as well.

  • J:Lai

    CFN –
    I also started paying the tax and I agree with your sentiments. A tax or fee on driving would charge the actual road users for some of the externalities they create, as well as potentially modifying behavior to make better use of scarce resources. Instead we get a tax which discourages employment and does nothing to encourage more efficient use of roads.
    I would much rather have to pay more for a delivery surcharge because of increased driving fees – that way I could evaluate if it was worthwhile to consolidate delivieries or something similar.

    Clarence Eckerson – the big deal for cab drivers is that raising the price of the fare will decrease demand for cab rides. The drivers get none of the revenue, but have to deal with competing for fewer fares. Whether or not you are sympathetic to the cab drivers, you can’t deny that from their perspective this is harmful.

  • The NYT article on Velib seems to be a rehash of the BBC article from last year, which in turn used data from the first year of the program.

  • Doug

    Regarding the Velib article, the question is not “Are bikes getting vandalized or stolen?” but rather, “Are bikes getting vandalized or stolen at a higher rate than predicted?” I am sure city officials and the people behind Velib — or any bike sharing program — would have predicted a certain amount of loss to thiefs, vandals, and misuse. So this NY Times story struck me as a non-story in the absence of that information.

    Having seen and used shared bikes in Paris and Barcelona, and having spoken to many people who use them, I think these programs are seen as an overall success. No one expects any program in any city, to be free of problems. Is the subway a failure because trains get vandalized?