Bikes at Work Where You Live, Part 1


Our call for pictures of work bikes elicited such an overwhelming response — more than 300 photos — that we almost didn’t know where to begin. It’s truly inspirational and delightful to see how people around the world use bicycles
for work (and in some cases to haul some serious gear for play). There seems to be no limit to the inventiveness and resourcefulness of cyclists.

Because of the richness and variety of the pictures you sent (and keep sending), we’ll be running at least one and maybe two more slide shows on this theme. Keep watching this space.

For now, here’s a selection of some of our favorites, spanning the globe from Beijing to Bogotá to San Francisco.

Many thanks to all our contributors, including those at ITDP, Cyclelicious, Tucson Bike Lawyer, Bikejuju, Bikes and the City, Utility Cycling, Cenas a Pedal and Rock the Bike.

If you’ve missed our past slide shows, on bike traffic and space hogs, you might want to check them out.

  • Wow that is incredible! Now I can see why my photos didn’t make the cut! Delicious each and every…

  • Thanks for putting up the photos. I’m not sure why they make me happy and even optimistic, but they do.

  • Waste is collected by bike in NorthHampton Mass

  • John Mallows

    As these pictures have, apparently, been ‘donated’ for the blog, can we assume they are copyright free? I can see a use on our cycle campaigning displays when trying to encourage people on the utility benefits of cycles (not just the sport and leisure dressed in lycra stuff) JM from UK

  • Down here in Bogotá, Colombia, bikes and trikes are widely used to carry loads over small distances. It’s something I haven’t seen in other Latin capitals, such as Caracas, Venezuela (probably because the gasoline is given away almost free) or La Paz, Bolivia (likely because of the difficult topography and great poverty). There are also hundreds or thousands of bike taxis, called ‘bici-taxis,’ which carry passengers short distances. However, they are technically illegal, apparently because the regular taxi drivers don’t want the competition. For more info and opinion on bicycling in Bogotá, see: Mike’s Bogota Bike Blog

  • Tonythompson06

    Hi trying to find anything about trade/delivery bikes in USA pre war.  Can anyone help please?


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