Today’s Headlines

  • Walder: Let’s Talk About Discount Off-Peak Subway Fares (NYT)
  • Block Party Revived on Bed-Stuy Block 11 Years After Fatal Shooting (News)
  • Vast Anti-Pedestrian Conspiracy? Another Paper Blames Jaywalkers for Unsafe Streets (Globe)
  • MTA to Try Out Bronx 4 Express Train Again (News)
  • News: Violent Retribution Has Its Place in NYC Parking Ethics 
  • Tune in to Brian Lehrer Today for a Segment on the Politics of Bike Lanes (WNYC)
  • Noisy Illegal Dirt Bikes Speed All Over Harlem Streets (Uptowner)
  • Architects Compete to Redesign NYC Sidewalk Scaffolding (Gotham Gazette)
  • DC Area Officials Want to Test Waters for VMT Fee (WaPo)
  • Austin Gets Its First Sharrows Today (A2W via

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  • It’s amazing that newspapers can find space to demonize pedestrians between their jeremiads against cyclists. They should work in a few stories about choosing the most car friendly retirement community in Florida, to complete their graceless dive into the generational dustbin of history.

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    One thing that is totally stupid about the Boston editorial is trotting out statistics to analyze NYC, Boston, Denver, and Seattle pedestrian injuries is like comparing apples to oranges. It is completely wrong (in multiple ways that I am sure Charlie Komanoff can tell us) but for one: comparing injuries per 100,000 people doesn’t work because you are not factoring in the amount of walking that actually occurs per person in each city. It’s an incorrect argument.

    Boston and NYC are much higher when it comes to walking so they will actually have a higher chance of having more injuries – no matter. It also doesn’t take into account speed limits, road design, etc.

    But one thing I will note: if you do take these stats at face value and NYC has a much lower injury rate, maybe it is because are better jaywalkers? 🙂

  • Shemp

    Ugh – If Brian Lehrer and Andrea B. at WNYC are sympathizers, it’s hard to tell from the way they describe the issues.

  • David Filipov is the same person who wrote about dangerous cycling 2 weeks ago. Presumably, his article focused on cars will be forthcoming.