Eyes on the Street: A Smoother Approach to the Willy-B


We’ve received a few reports in the past week about construction work on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge. DOT’s press office says six bike ramps are being installed, and we hear from observers on the ground that construction is largely complete as of this morning: The bridge approach at Delancey and Clinton Street has three new curb cuts, as does the raised median at Suffolk Street. Now cyclists can get on and off the bike path without having to dismount or hop the curb.

The volunteers at Adopt-a-Bike-Lane have been pushing for a safer ride to the Willy-B since last fall. Together with Allen Street’s ongoing livable streets makeover, this new, smoother approach is bound to whet appetites for a protected connection to points west.

  • Alright, whats going on with the bike on the left?

  • mike

    Fantastic news! This should make things safer. Although, until we get a fully-protected bike lane on Delancey St (and bridge tolls hopefully!) there will still be some crazy bicyclists who quickly merge right into Delancey Street car traffic. I did it once the other day and I’ll never do that again!

  • Nice chopper bike!

  • ED

    hahah. i see that dude with the zombie chopper all the time on the bridge. nice shot!


Eyes on the Street: New Bike Lanes for the Willy-B

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