Today’s Headlines

  • Paterson’s Austerity Budget Takes Away $113 Million From MTA (NYT)
  • News Sees No Reason to Ban Distracted Taxi Driving
  • The Times Is Fed Up With Albany
  • The Post Is Fed Up With Jaywalkers
  • Curb Crunch: Even Rolls Owners Jockey for Free Parking These Days (Post)
  • In Praise of Pedicabs (NYT)
  • Dramatized Version of Taconic Crash Is Coming to the Small Screen (Post)
  • SI Man Crushed to Death Navigating Out of Tight Parking Spot (News)
  • LaHood Shows Love, But Not Money, for Twin Cities’ Green Transport Hub (Forbes)
  • New on Google Street View: Pics of Car-Free Places (PC World)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Got my solar panels up just in time. You had to see this one coming.

    “State environmental groups were still seething over Thursday’s announcement by Paterson that he was taking $90 million to help balance the state’s troubled budget from the state’s share of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the nation’s first-ever plan to combat climate change by charging polluters and using the money to encourage alternative energy and conservation.”

    Actually the purpose of that fund was to fund early retirement for public employees, pay debts run up by prior generations, pay for member items state legislators hand out to those on their knees as if they were distributing money from their own pockets, pay other senior benefits, etc. Anyone who thinks that are entitled to anything in exchange for the taxes they pay isn’t paying attention.

    This sort of thing will go on for at least three years. It may be a decade before taxes stop going up and public services stop being cut.

  • vnm

    Post backs the cabby cell phone crackdown.

  • Re the NYT’s report on Paterson cutting $113 million from the MTA: WNYC reported over the weekend that the cuts will come specifically from the funds raised by the Ravitch plan. I’ve been unable to find other citations to confirm this.