Eyes on the Street: Columbia on the Lookout for Bike Thieves


Streetsblog regular Glenn McAnanama sent in a flier from Columbia University police [PDF] alerting faculty, staff and students to a recent bike theft.

Video stills like the one at right appear to show a man — pictured more clearly on the flier — walking away with a bike after removing the front wheel. (Hal would probably give that lock job an "F.")

This is not a huge deal, but as Glenn points out, it’s nice to see campus security treating bike theft as an actual crime worthy of its attention. "This is the second one of these [fliers] I’ve seen in as many weeks," he writes. "Imagine if NYPD were this concerned."

Of course, prevalence of bike theft also raises the issue of secure parking, or lack thereof, on campus. Any Columbia-affiliated folks care to weigh in?

  • wondered about the effectiveness of cameras. attended bike parking is the answer. chances are that campus security was a stone’s throw from the incident.

  • dirk

    Plenty of places to park @ Columbia, also one theft last week from adjacent Teachers College which is a closed campus and raises questions in my mind about student/campus safety,
    People, when you see a guy walking down the street with a bike that is missing a wheel, is it really a big mystery how he got that bike? Too bad that no one apparently cared to stop him.

  • salonegirl

    I think there are a far number of relatively secure places to park your bike on campus. Bike parking is certainly not attended (and won’t be anytime soon) and thus things will happen. I know that Columbia security has stopped people stealing bikes in similar situations, but ultimately you need the whole community on the look out. My experience is that Columbia takes biking pretty seriously — many students, faculty and administrators bike onto campus and they’ve added more parking in recent years.

  • Attended bike parking? I don’t think that’s a solution here. Proper locking is. Bike racks and parking, like at most campuses is spread out. Not at all economical to have attendants at more than one of those for an extended period of time because some college kids haven’t learned how to lock up properly.

  • Gwin

    When my bike was stolen from the side of my building back in April, I provided several clear photos (taken by my building’s security cameras) to the NYPD. Did they care? NO. So, kudos to the CU police for giving a sh*t.

  • Apparently, the same thing is happening at Cooper Union’s new building…all outdoor bike parking.


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