Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood Sez Txtng Whil Drvng Mtng Is "Most Important Meeting in the History of U.S. DOT" (NYT)
  • S.I.’s Top Cop Vows to Tame Traffic Mayhem Around Schools (Advance)
  • A New Low for New York City Cabbies (NYT Letters)
  • 150 More Subway Stations Move Into the 21st Century… by the End of 2010 (NYT)
  • In Downtown Brooklyn, a Plan to Get Cop Cars Off the Sidewalk (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Auto Sales Plummet as Cash-for-Clunkers Program Ends (NYT)
  • Bloomberg Unveils "Connected Cities" Initiative (News)
  • NY1 Nixes Bobby Cuza’s "In Transit." Should We Hire Bobby? (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • [Cue Twilight Zone Music] The "Future of Public Transport" Includes Zeppelins (Gothamist)
  • MTA Awards Final $700M Contract for the East Side Access Project (2nd Ave Sagas)

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  • Lars

    Hire Cuza? Heck Streetsblog should take it over and have a show on NY1 and do an all transportation show!!

  • Pods First!

    Zeppelins hah! The future of public transport is pods. We will be the envy of the world. Picture the pod-i-bilities: maglev pods, multi-modal pods: ride straight into the belly of a transcontinental jet, armored pods for our forces overseas, pod to school mini-pods. The pod-ential for American industry is unlimited.

  • I’m totally down with the Zeppelins!

  • glenn

    I agree – monthly streetfilms hour on NY1!!

  • Hire him.