Today’s Headlines

  • NYC DOT to Swap Vehicle Fleet for Car-Share (NYT)
  • Distracted Drivers: My Job Is More Valuable Than Your Life (NYT)
  • NYPD Ped Killing: Mayor Pledges Resolution; Brace Yourself for Defense Tack (NYT, Post, Post)
  • Weekend DWI Crash Claims Washington Heights Pedestrian (Post)
  • News: Thanks to Albany, Killer Drunk Drivers Have More Rights Than Their Victims
  • Vincent Gentile Makes Parking Enforcement Sound Like History’s Greatest Injustice (News)
  • Work Continues on Sands Street Bike Path, as Does Illegal Parking (B’stoner)
  • Brian Ketcham: Redeveloped Kingsbridge Armory Would Be a Traffic Magnet (News)
  • Nassau County’s "Lighthouse" Project: TOD Without the T (WNYC
  • Cops Target Unlicensed Central Park Bike Rentals (City Room)
  • News of the Weird: Stickballers Play in Park Slope Traffic (News)

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  • Geck

    Entrance to Sand Street bike lane from Manhattan Bridge now has dedicated bicycle light/cycle.

  • vnm

    Vincent Gentile’s article makes me want to vote for Bloomberg.

  • Today isn’t the only Public Feedback session the DOT is holding re: changes to Broadway–there’s another one Monday night: 6pm to 8pm at the New Yorker Hotel at 481 8th Ave., Crystal Ballroom, 2nd Floor.

  • “News: Thanks to Albany, Killer Drunk Drivers Have More Rights Than Their Victims”

    What rights do accused drunk drivers have that their victims don’t have? It seems to me that they both have the same sets of rights – the right to due process under the law when charged with a crime.

  • Jen

    Please, nanterking, explain to us the due process rights afforded a dead body in the street.