Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Board Approves $28B Capital Plan With $10B Funding Gap (Newsday)
  • Yassky vs. Liu: Most Exciting Comptroller Contest Ever (NYT)
  • John Liu the Go-To Source for Criticism of Times Square Plazas (Forbes)
  • Chatham Square Safety Improvements on Hold for Two Years (Downtown Express)
  • Woman Struck By City Bus on Queens Boulevard Expected to Survive (News)
  • New CB4 Chair: "I Wish I Saw More Bikes" on Eighth Ave Bike Lane (Chelsea Now)
  • Brian Lehrer Looks at How Tech Is Changing Your Commute, Or Not (WNYC)
  • Honda One-Ups Segway in Race to Build World’s Silliest Transport Device (Biz Insider)
  • SoHo Take Note: Madrid Pedestrianizes Traffic-Choked Street and Shoppers Rejoice (Globespotters)
  • Couples Living It Up in NYC’s Public Spaces on Date Night (City Room)

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  • JSD

    “Honda One-Ups Segway in Race to Build World’s Silliest Transport Device”

    Now, even standing is too much work. This is pure Rube Goldberg, plain and simple.

  • vnm

    Daily News endorses Yassky.

  • vnm

    For that matter, so does the Post.

  • Geck
  • aja

    Why no mention of the debacle on the new meadowland rail?

    Seems to me NJ transit should have figured out that U2 (which sold every seat in the house and field) would draw a lot more train traffic than a football game or other concerts which usually block a bunch of seats behind thee stage.

    Expecting people to leave their cars at home, and wait 2+ hours for a train ride seems ridiculous.

  • Josh

    Yeah, no doubt that NJT screwed that one up big time.

  • Boris

    The Staten Island Advance writes about these projects in the new MTA Capital Plan (

    “Ripping down the old booths and replacing the upper level deck are part of $580 million in investments slated for the Verrazano, which will include rehabilitation of the toll plaza and a design for the widening and relocation of approach ramps from the Belt Parkway, which could make room for a potential bus/HOV lane on the bridge to connect to the Staten Island and Gowanus expressways.”

    There’s now more than $1 billion slated for bridge projects around the city that I know about, all to serve a small minority of people who drive through New York City. In the case of the Verrazano, I’d argue that the majority of drivers aren’t even from New York, and probably pay no New York gas taxes since they can get cheap gas on their way from New Jersey.

    It makes absolutely zero sense to spend this money on the bridge. And there’s room for a bus/HOV lane on the bridge right now- even giving buses two lanes in each direction would not hurt traffic, since the bottlenecks are the highways, not the bridge itself.

  • Ian Turner

    I think if I were in Sadik-Khan’s shoes, I would be really annoyed at the fact that no newspaper seems able to mention her policies without first discussing her fashion choices.

  • “SoHo Take Note: Madrid Pedestrianizes Traffic-Choked Street and Shoppers Rejoice”

    streetsblog take note:
    Calle Fuencarral is not a residential neighborhood. Who lives there?
    SoHo has 10,000 residents. Du..oh!

    Mr. Fried, Why don’t you implement closing off the block in which YOU reside. It is always best to practice what you preach, no?

    Let us know your success. If there is any help I can provide, please do not hesitate to contact me. Best of luck!

  • J:Lai

    Sean Sweeney:

    what is your point? That residents on a soho block that become pedenstrianized would be unable to park their personal cars in front of their buildings?
    doesn’t really seem like much of a loss, considering the rate of vehicle ownership, and the proportion of those who do own cars in this neighborhood who use private lots/garages.

    Sometimes 2 people have to give up their parking spots in order to improve things for everyone.

  • Re #7: Why not take some of that billion and spend it on building the missing bicycle/walking path over the Verrazano?

  • Jason A

    $580 Million is being allocated for the Verrazano with nothing for a bike/ped path?!?!

  • Fuencarral is a commercial street through a mixed-use neighborhood: very, very similar to Grand, Spring or Prince. Pedestrianizing one (or several) of those would be an excellent idea.

  • Car Free Nation


    I work in SoHo, so should have a say in what happens here. Please close off the blocks to auto traffic.

    I live in Boerum Hill. Please close off my street to auto traffic too.

    What’s the problem? Every once in a while I have to walk to the end of the block for a delivery or FedEx/UPS has to walk to my building. It’s definitely worth having kids play in the street and no car fumes when I go for lunch.

  • Ian Turner


    I would love to have my street pedestrianized, any guidance you care to provide is highly appreciated.



  • Dear Car Free, Ian,

    Simple. Call your local community boards and put in a request to close off your block. Here is a list of CBs for your convenience;

    Once requested of the community board, it should shortly be placed on the monthly agenda. When approved, a resolution will be sent to DOT urging a closure. Surely, DOT will then accede to your request.

    Or, better, call DOT or DCP directly and request it. Again, for your assistance:

    Or maybe some of the DOT personnel who regularly visit this site will respond to your request as I have.

    Please get back to us on your success. All the best.

  • J. Mork

    Re: Ian Turner, September 25, 2009 at 11:34 am

    So true, Ian. Even you, in criticizing the newspapers have not failed to mention her shoes!