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  • Ian Turner

    There was an interesting study done in Kenya earlier this year where the researchers placed stickers in public vans encouraging passengers to complain about unsafe driving. The intervention seems to have made a huge difference; perhaps we need something comparable in all TLC-regulated vehicles?

    Full text here:

  • Glenn

    Not sure where would be best to place this comment, but I was reading another one of those stupid articles about how pedestrians think cyclists are dangerous and don’t deserve bike lanes followed by the ubiquitously quoted transportation alternatives (in this case Wiley) as the counterpoint…

    …can I ask why when car accidents happen that reporters don’t go to the AAA or the DMV or NYPD or whatever to explain why motorists are so dangerous? why they deserve all the streetspace they get? why they get grade separated highways? Why does TA have to defend every cyclist when the AAA or DMV isn’t even questioned?

  • At 11.20 coming over the Manhattan Bridge I saw a man being gurneyed down to a waiting ambulance on the Manhattan side. He was in rough shape, eyes closed, face bloodied. I didn’t see his bike or anyone else involved.

    Here’s hoping duder is ok.

  • They’re there, Ian. Saw them on Friday. Livery passenger’s bill of rights (PDF).

    Still, how many times have any of you told someone to get off their cell phone? It’s not easy, is it?

  • Ian Turner

    Capn, if you go all the way to the end of the PDF in the link you’ll see the kind of posters I’m talking about. They are way more graphic and hard to ignore than the “bill of rights”, and consequently more effective. I’m aware that it’s not easy, but the effect of these stickers is to lower the social cost of speaking up.

  • Chevelle