Today’s Headlines

  • Health Commish Tom Farley Working on a Plan to Get More New Yorkers Walking and Biking (NYT)
  • Driver With Suspended License Kills 9-Year-Old Boy One Block From Wmsburg Home (Post, News)
  • Why Don’t Kids Walk to School Anymore? (NYT Fashion & Style)
  • Progress on Moynihan Station: Amtrak Signs Off on Move Out of Penn (NYT, News, Post)
  • What the Metro-North Connection to Penn Station Could Mean for NYC Service (MTR)
  • Memo to MTA: Open Transit Data Is Good for Riders and Good for Your Reputation (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Westchester Bill Would Authorize Seizure of Cars Belonging to DWI, Drag Racing Perps (News)
  • Graphic: How Does NYC’s Bike Network Stack Up? (NYT)
  • WNYC Is Starting a Series on How New Yorkers Commute — Nice Logo!
  • Walking PR Disaster David Mack Resigns From MTA Board (WNYC)
  • Union Rat Needs Wider Sidewalks to Protest Legally (Curbed)

More headlines over at Streetsblog Capitol Hill.

  • Bilkerdyk was arrested for driving with a suspended license and spent the day at the 90th Precinct station house, but she was not charged with the child’s death, police said.

    Again, what is a suspended license for? It’s because we judge that the person involved is too irresponsible to be on the road. If that person goes out and kills someone – a child! – in violation of the suspension, they should at least be charged for negligent homicide.

  • Josh

    Why is the inability of children to walk to school a “Fashion & Style” issue?

  • The union rat is also often connected to an all-day running GASOLINE POWERED generator. How evironmentally asinine. Get a new ploy, boys.

  • The Westchester vehicle forfeiture law seems like a great idea till you get to this graf in the Daily News report: “The bill also contains a ‘hardship relief’ provision, allowing relief from forfeiture in cases in which the defendant can establish that losing his or her car would impose substantial burdens on the defendant’s ability to get to work, school or medical treatment.” No teeth.

  • Like the parents in the article, I’ve had parents come to me to report that our 11-year old son is walking to and from school in Manhattan on his own. The suggestion is that this could occur without us knowing about it, or that maybe we don’t care where is he is or what he is doing. From what I have seen, there has been a huge increase in the number of NYC parents over the last 10-15 years who did not grow up in NYC themselves. Many of these parents drive or hand-hold their kids everywhere they go and can’t conceive of their kids navigating their way on the streets alone. Just another factor keeping people unnecessarily in cars.

  • A City Room piece on auto wheel thefts in Brooklyn mentions four thefts in three weeks in a single neighborhood. That this is even newsworthy is another example of the privileged place of the automobile in the hearts of Times advertisers.

  • > The Westchester vehicle forfeiture law seems like a great idea

    Whatever happened to due process? And you people call yourselves liberals!

  • Whoops, the Westchester version of the law is for people who’ve been convicted of the crime. I was thinking, knee-jerk, of the Giuliani version, where they’d impound your car immediately, and sell it before your trial. Sorry about that.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    That’s alright Kaja, I haven’t called myself a Liberal since Phil Ochs’ untimely death.