Today’s Headlines

  • Defying Trends, NYC Traffic Deaths, Pedestrian Fatalities Increased in 2008 (Post, Gothamist)
  • Bloomberg Won’t Join MTA Lawsuit to Overturn TWU Contract (Post)
  • NYCEDC’s Expanded Ferry Service to Move All of 1,700 NYers a Day By 2011 (AMNY)
  • Meet the Four Appointees Who Can Veto the MTA Capital Program (MTR)
  • Who Would Ride Red Hook Streetcars? (AMNY)
  • Driver vs. Driver: The Parking Blame Game (NYT)
  • Hard to Imagine a World Where People Don’t Hold the Subway Doors (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Drunk Driver Launches SUV Into Second Story of LI Home (News)
  • Matt Yglesias Questions the Legacy of Jane Jacobs
  • To Delight of Rob Anderson, SF Court Delays Hearing to Lift Bike Injunction (Streetsblog SF)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “Anti-bicycle petitioners ‘Coalition for Adequate Review’ (or CAR) and local blogger and perennial political candidate Rob Anderson appeared before the court ex parte earlier today to seek a postponement. The City Attorney opposed petitioners’ motion to postpone. Nonetheless, due to the court’s vacation schedule, Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn agreed to continue the case for just over 30 days”

    The so-called Coalition for Adequate Review is using court delays to frustrate a legitimately approved policy with widespread public support. Far from wanting their day in court to settle issues, the goal is to stall.

    That is the same strategy used at Atlantic Yards, where a series of lawsuits — followed by appeals — has been filed in sequence. Thus far the tactic has been successful in drastically increasing the public subsidy for the project due to the shift in the economy.

    Justice delayed is justice denied. I’m not a lawyer and don’t have an informed opnion on legal issues, but to me the increasing time and cost of the legal system itself, as manipulated by a variety of actors for a variety of purposes, is simply wrong. File a lawsuit or arrest someone? It should be over in a matter of months.

  • I’d much rather it be “Driver vs. driver” than scapegoating bike lanes or traffic calming.

  • Nice that streetcars are returning to Red Hook. But the story notes that population would have to grow by 50% to produce sufficient demand. Why not build a streetcar route where demand already exists? I’m thinking 42nd St.

  • rlb

    “Why not build a streetcar route where demand already exists?”

    Agreed, but there’s something to be said for inducing demand. Red Hook would become a far more attractive neighborhood with more legitimate transit options, and the population would grow. Additionally, estimates of ridership made during the planning process for Light rail and trolleys is always below the reality.

  • Thanks, rlb.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    I don’t think that “inducing demand” strategy is going to work with Mr. Brodsky’s MTA “reform” plan.