Double-Parkers Gravitate Into Sands Street Bike Path

sands_street.jpgTime Warner sets up an operation in the Sands Street bike path. Photo: Gothamist.

Cyclists riding across the Manhattan Bridge have had about a month to try out the new Sands Street bike path, and based on the reviews so far, two major kinks are marring an otherwise sterling project. First, motorists, especially delivery vehicles, can’t resist using the mountable section from Navy to Gold as a double-parking zone. And second, the two-phase crossing from the Sands Street path to the Manhattan Bridge path encourages cyclists to make some risky diagonal movements.

A well-placed source tells us that DOT is working with the post office and delivery companies to keep the mountable bike lane clear, and that the agency is considering the addition of a
direct crosswalk between the Sands Street path and the entrance to the
Manhattan Bridge path.

"We are working on ways to properly guide cyclists safely from the end of the Sands Street path to the start of the Manhattan Bridge path," a DOT spokesperson said when we asked for confirmation.

The project isn’t finished yet, so it’s still in the adjustment period. But without any bollards from Navy to Gold, it’s going to take constant enforcement to keep that block clear for cyclists. As Gothamist noted last week, it’s a very short trip from the bike path to the Brooklyn tow pound.

  • Eric

    While its nice to see that DOT is working with the post office and delivery companies to resolve this problem. After a brief grace period they should also be ticketing and towing, most companies and their drivers will not understand the message until it costs them money.

  • My question for the DoT is whether motorists ticketed for blocking this bike lane can get their fines reduced or eliminated through the Department of Finance’s stipulated fine program, and if so, whether DoT has a position on that issue, and has communicated that position to it to DoF.

  • Car Free Nation

    I take that bike lane every day, and I have yet (knock on wood) to see any vehicle blocking the bike lane. Have other people seen this?

  • Last week I rode past a driver parked in this lane who appeared to be confused and looking at a map.

  • Re the picture:

    Time Warner drivers are also good at sleeping in their vans/trucks with the engine running.

  • zgori

    On the other side of that entrance, twice last week I saw cops ticketing drivers for running the red light at Jay and Sands. Yay! There is always some a**hole determined to make that corner once the light changes and the bikes have started across.

  • That intersection needs a Copenhagen-style green stripe right straight through the center, continued for a bit into the elevated strip.

  • Streetsman

    good call – green the whole mountable curb-separated part and through the intersection. only the fully separated part doesn’t really need the paint


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