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  • The MTA just doesn’t have the money to put up schedules along the 46 routes serving the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, NYC Transit spokesman Charles Seaton said.

    Uh, yeah. Meanwhile, the other MTA buses (Mabstoa) have money for schedules. How is that fair?

  • J. Mork

    Link for Eastern Parkway story is incorrect.

    I didn’t find the News page. Here’s one in Newsday (AP)

  • J. Mork
  • Brooklyn

    Re: assaulted by a motorist. The incident is unfortunate — but I’ve ceased to become a bike lane “enforcer” because it’s just not worth the hassle, much less the risk. I’d rather blow past them at the first red light and get home faster.

    As I’ve written before, Jay Street is a sphere of civil-servant privilege where the cattle that work for the city and state can do no harm. The bike lane there is too exposed and too readily available to not get blocked or abused by cars.

  • Re the brewery:

    May have already been covered here, but Ashland, OR’s Standing Stone Brewery bought bikes for all employees who promised to bike to work 45 days or more each year:

  • J. Mork

    Another interesting one:

    OTTAWA — As the high-profile attorney general for Ontario, Michael Bryant had championed severe and controversial traffic safety laws. On Tuesday, he was charged with criminal negligence causing death and with dangerous driving causing death in an unusually violent episode of road rage involving a bicyclist.

  • vnm

    NY1 has a great moments-after-it-happened video interview of the guy who chased the hit-and-run perp:

    They also have a report on a car that crashed through a motorcycle dealership’s plate glass windows in Queens this morning, wrecking a large number of “bikes.”–no-injuries-reported/Default.aspx

  • Marty Barfowitz

    The City Room piece is a fun and harmless concept but, man, what’s it gonna take to get the NY Times to cover livable streets issues as more than just a cutesy “bike lifestyle” story?

    Hey, I wonder what color knickers Paul Kronenberg was wearing as he traversed the city’s bike lanes? I’d like to buy a pair.

  • ME

    Also, Principals file suit over city’s plan to slash parking permit perks

  • J:Lai

    regarding the piece about the woman’s confrontation with a driver over the bike lane —
    I think the lesson should be clear by now. Drivers aren’t going to cede valuable street space easily, and the NYPD support drivers over non-drivers whenever they can. If you are going to confront a driver over use of the street, be prepared for conflict. That is the reality. Did you really think they were just going to roll over and give it away?

  • What I’ve gleaned from reading over the last couple months several reports of cyclist-vs.-motorist incidents is that touching other people’s property intentionally isn’t a very good idea. The unpleasant underside of “be prepared for conflict” seems to be “be prepared to experience the justice system firsthand.”

    I banged on a lady’s auto last Friday because she cut in front of me to make a right turn, and after I calmed down a little bit I wondered why I hadn’t just slowed down and let her go ahead. It wasn’t a teaching moment, and it wasn’t an instructional maneuver on my part, so why did I cede my judgment to the rush of adrenaline and attack her motor vehicle?

  • Josh

    Unrelated to any of today’s headlines, but there haven’t been any posts about the mayoral election lately: I’ve decided I’m voting for Jimmy McMillan in the primary. He’s a nutbar, but none of the mainstream candidates have done anything to show that they deserve my support.

  • > touching other people’s property intentionally isn’t a very good idea.

    I’m sorry that you’ve been unaware ’til now of the distinction between banging on a car angrily and doing it to notify the driver of your presence.

    I’m posting because I don’t want readers to think that the rest of us are similarly blind.

  • Kaja, my point is that to the driver, there is no distinction such as you’re making.

  • Jan Gehl to Saskatoon: Reduce the asphalt.