Today’s Headlines

  • Parking-Crazed NYCEDC Gets Stim Funding for Two Big Development Projects, More to Come (NYT)
  • Year After Placard Reform, Arbitrator Gives Back 5,000 Parking Placards to NYC Principals (Post)
  • 12-Year-Old Passenger Severely Injured in Bayside Drag-Racing Crash (News)
  • The Post Thinks MTA Deal With TWU Was a Foregone Conclusion
  • Brooklyn Paper Loves Sands Street Bike Path But Still Frowns on the Fifth Avenue Bike Lane
  • Ed Glaeser Gets Skeptical on HSR; Ryan Avent Responds (Economix, Streetsblog Cap Hill)
  • Everybody Pays for the Scourge of Free Parking (HuffPo)
  • NJ Court: TSTC Lawsuit to Prevent Highway Widening Is Totally Legit (MTR)
  • Taconic Crash Stirs Gov: Paterson Wants Tougher Penalties for DUI With Kids in the Car (News)
  • NJ Transit Link to Meadowlands Debuts Tomorrow (News)
  • Park Slope Mom Tracks Down Bike Thief After Cop Spurns Plea for Help (Gothamist)

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  • The placard-pulling had violated the union contract, according to the ruling.

    So it’s taxable?

  • Dio

    Cool. New York City has labor arbitrators making transportation policy. That makes lots of sense.

  • The governor’s legislation re: DUI with children in the car upholds the same heinous disregard for other road users’ lives that the car commercials about “safety” (airbags etc.) demonstrate. What about the other victims of this woman’s poor choices, in the other car? What about DUIs in pedestrian-rich areas that claim lives of people not in steel cages? This legislation completely misses the point that illegal activity while conducting an already inherently dangerous machine should not ever be tolerated, and prosecuted to the fullest extent.
    I am sorry for everyone involved in this crash. I am also sorry that our “representatives” in the government continue to do nothing to protect us from the mistakes and/or crimes of motorists.

  • The Meadowlands train actually debuted in July for the Gold Cup final between USA and Mexico. Perhaps they mean debut for football?

  • Larry Littlefield

    Effect of Cash for Clunkers on the environment: a big success according to the article.

    “The average mileage for new vehicles rose from 21.4 miles per gallon in June to 22.1 mpg in July.”

    “Those are only figures for new cars sold. Most cars on the road are older, and it takes about 20 years for the fleet on the road to turn over completely.”

    So we’ve capped more of our fleet at 22.1 mpg. Meanwhile, the automakers are producing more 22.1 mph clunkers now that they can be subsidized for cash.

    And money spent on autos was not spent on other things, leading to job cuts elsewhere, meaning the federal government picked winners rather than inducing activity.

    “Retail sales outside of autos turned in a disappointing performance in July, underscoring concerns about the timing and durability of a recovery from the worst recession since World War II. The Commerce Department said Thursday that retail sales fell 0.1 percent last month. Economists had expected a gain of 0.7 percent. While autos, helped by the start of the Cash for Clunkers program, showed a 2.4 percent jump — the biggest in six months — there was widespread weakness elsewhere. Gasoline stations, department stores, electronics outlets and furniture stores all reported declines.”

    The more power we hand to a government that increasingly only represents the most selfish instincts of the most selfish and powerful people, the more of this we will get. You can’t change one man at the top and expect things to change.

    Obama = Gorbachev? In the end, will we end up with a Putin?

  • J

    I rode my bike to Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal Mall. It was pretty bad. To get to Target from the street you have to walk along a 6 foot wide path, then through the massive parking garage and finally up an escalator. Ridiculous. At least they charge for parking.

  • D

    Cap’n Transit has a good point. If placards are a job perk for principals, they likely are “income” for IRS purposes. So the principals would have to pay income tax on the fair market value of a reserved parking spot in that neighborhood.

    In fact, it may be that the city is required under federal law to withhold that “income” from the teachers’ paychecks. It’ll be interesting to see whether Bloomberg, or the IRS, has the guts to carry that out.

  • May I suggest patronizing instead the Target on 225th Street, which has five bike racks (nos. 2721-2725) on the block in front.

  • Ian Turner


    Yes, the city estimates the market value of parking placards and reports them as a taxable fringe benefit (with the exception of the nontaxable portion, $230 per month in 2009).

  • Streetsman

    It seems pretty twisted to me that a labor contract would have legal jurisdiction over parking management. Anyway – yeah if pulling the placards violates union rules, then they must be considered part of their compensation package. They should have a taxable value just like a metrocard or an EZ Pass

  • share more bikes

    10,000 Bixie bikes for London. This is what NYC would probably use.