From Twitter to the Real World

3794383648_0d11bf40ba.jpgThis is what a #bikenyc tweetup looks like. Photo by @noneck.

The first #bikenyc tweetup happened last Wednesday.

What’s a tweetup? It’s when a bunch of people who have connected on Twitter get together in the real world. (We’re @streetsblog, by the way.) The "#bikenyc" hashtag, as it’s called, gives Twitter users an easy way to search for NYC bike-related content on Twitter (more about hashtags here).

So in this case, we were all folks who like both Twitter and biking in New York City, about ten or twelve of us. We met at Bicycle Habitat (thanks for the free water bottles, guys) and then rode over to the West Side bike path via the Prince Street bike lane, ending up at Pier I Cafe for drinks and conversation on a beautiful summer evening. It was pretty sweet. No real agenda, except for enjoying our bikes and our city and each other.

The event was organized by @newamsterdamize (aka @noneck), and it won’t be the last. If you’re on Twitter, start using and looking for the #bikenyc hashtag. Who knows what could happen next?

  • #bikenyc was fantastic! Thanks to @noneck for organizing and for all those who came out.

    Next #bikenyc tweetup 8/29 5pm at Berry Park in Brooklyn after our Brooklyn by Bike ride to Kissena Velodrome!

  • Subject and location specific hashtags are great for people or organizations that don’t tweet often and as a result get totally lost & buried in the *stream* that is Twitter and other life/idea/mind streaming services like it (remember Twitter is not a blog). Hashtags are best for alerting people about news and events, asking for advice, reporting road conditions, sharing links to photos and articles, or just about how great your ride was… you name it.

    Every city should have a bike specific hashtag!

    Dive in NYC:

  • Awesome story. Why can’t more like this make the 10 o’clock news? Great people doing great things!


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