Today’s Headlines

  • Shocker: Staten Island Not Bitching and Moaning About Car-Free Summer Street (SI Live)
  • It’s All About Parking: Bx Merchants Blame Select Bus Service and Traffic Agents For Woes.
  • NYC Taxi Medallions Now Cost $766,000! (USA Today)
  • B’berg Campaign Ad Blitz Focuses on Transit. Congestion Pricing? Nope. (Mike NYC)
  • Senate Adds $2 Billion More For Clunkers. DOT Declares Success. Zilch For Transit. (NYT)
  • Bronx Pols Want Ferry Service to Manhattan (Post)
  • That’s Right: "No Parking" Also Means "No Breast Feeding" (City Room)
  • NYC’s Subways Were Almost Built as Moving Walkways!? (New Scientist)
  • Local Media Obsesses Over Deadly Taconic Crash (News, Post, NYT)
  • Crusty Clyde Haberman Proposes Charging Extra for Subway Cargo (NYT)
  • Should Madison’s Train Station Be Downtown or on the Edge? (Planetizen)

More national heddies at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

  • chuck

    “Obsesses” is a bit of a callous choice of words, don’t you think? It’s a tragedy and a mystery and every day there are more questions.

    What’s the objection to the coverage?

  • Chuck,

    Check out the forthcoming Weekly Carnage that Brad is working on and you’ll get a sense of why, I guess, I’m a little cynical about the spectacularization of this one particular case. For instance, I didn’t see any follow-up in any media on this week’s two hit-and-run pedestrian fatalities. This Taconic case and its “evil mom” will go away, people will still be getting run over and killed on NYC streets every other day, and we’ll be right back to a total lack of serious coverage of the issue in our local press. Ho hum, I guess.

  • Ian Turner

    Why are taxi medallions not auctioned again?

  • chuck

    I agree that more attention needs to be paid to other road deaths; I just don’t see the need to deride the coverage given to a very unusual and very tragic incident.

  • gecko

    re: NYC’s Subways Were Almost Built as Moving Walkways!? (New Scientist)

    just gave a quick look at the article but this apparent revelation is seriously cool.

  • NYT: “When the German government developed its pioneering cash-for-clunkers program, it neglected one small detail: making sure the clunkers no longer clunked….”