Today’s Headlines

  • Harry Reid: "Cash for Clunkers" Extension a Done Deal (NYT)
  • Traffic Cam-Hating Timothy Egan Hails Clunker Cash as Manna for "Average People" (Outposts)
  • Egan Should Watch This NY1 Story
  • New Yorkers Flooding Craigslist With Gas Guzzlers (News)
  • Straphangers Locked Out of Subway When Old MetroCards Expire (Post, City Room)
  • More Press for Free Crosstown Bus Proposal (NYT) as Bloomberg Touts Trolleys (Gothamist)
  • Eight Years On, How Does the Mayor’s Transpo Record Stack Up? (MTR)
  • Investigation Continues Into Deadly Taconic Parkway Crash (NYT, News)
  • Researchers Developing Car for the Blind; Yes, Really (Wheels
  • Danish Gov’t Promotes Pedestrian Helmets (Copenhagenize via

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  • Pursuant

    Huzzah for trolleys, if only because my grandfather was a conductor back in Copenhagen.

  • Josh

    There wouldn’t have been any “CHAOS OVER EXPIRED $81 METROCARDS”, as the Post so eloquently puts it, if people paid attention to the fact that the MTA TOLD EVERYONE that you couldn’t just stock up on a bunch of the old cards.

  • Yeah, I’m not even sure why that’s news. “Snafu”?? The Post will stop at nothing to vilify the MTA, will they.

  • I’d love to see trolleys but… didn’t we do away with street level rail because people kept running in front of them an getting killed?

  • Glenn

    I saw the NY1 spot on “Poor folks FOR clunkers”. Really since about 50% of the energy that is expended over the lifetime of the automobile is embedded in it when it rolls off the factory floor, reselling old cars in many ways are a good way to conserve energy.

    The real solution here is to simply raise the efficiency of all new cars and/or heavily tax gasoline consumption to make it worthwhile to have more efficient cars.

  • Stacy: “…didn’t we do away with street level rail because people kept running in front of them and getting killed?”

    You could make the same argument against buses or cars.

    The people who did away with streetcars were a cartel called National City Lines formed by GM, the Firestone tire company, and Standard Oil of California. The cartel bought up most of the streetcar lines in the U.S. and closed them down. See Wikis on National City Lines and the streetcar scandal.

  • J. Mork

    I first used an unlimited card on the published last day to start using the $81 cards, and I got screwed out of a day.

    But they gave me an envelope.