Today’s Headlines

  • Feds: MTA Timetable on 2nd Ave Subway Too Optimistic (News, City Room, AMNY, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Oberstar on Raising the Gas Tax: "Congress Decides, Not the Administration" (PBS)
  • Shame on Bloomberg: Mayor’s SUVs Seen Idling Around Town (AP, News)
  • The Times Keeps Up the Commentary on Distracted Driving
  • More Cities Creating Guidelines to Design Livable Streets (Planetizen)
  • Police Chase Mayhem in Washington Heights (News, NYT)
  • One American Town Makes the Copenhagenize Top Bike-Friendly Cities List (via
  • Will There Ever Be a Way to Bike or Walk Across the Verrazano? (Examiner)
  • Q: Who Is Mark Huijgan? A: A Bike Thief’s Worst Nightmare (Post)
  • Here’s One Way to Eliminate Parking in Manhattan (News)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Food for thought: anyone want to see their savings invested in an ex-auto dealership or car factory?

    Those sites provided a good deal for those who worked there and the places they were located in. Hence the push for federal subsidies, paid for by the next generations of people who never received those advantages, to keep things as they are, or were. And the battle in Congress to keep excess dealerships open somehow.

    No one is thinking about what could replace them. Decay and abandonment?

  • Kudos to good samaritan Mark Huijgan for rescuing that stolen bicycle, but the person who locked up nothing but the front wheel better go pay a visit to Hal.

  • Just my opinion, but nothing makes a street less livable than a car chase and shootout, right at peak people-watching time. The helicopter circling overhead for 30 minutes didn’t help the atmosphere, either.

    I’m not condoning robbery at gunpoint, but I think the NYPD’s firing live rounds at property-crimes suspects is a little reckless. What if one had hit a bystander?

    Maybe if we had complete streets in CB 12, instead of the drag strips that the present design encourages, the perpetrators would have hit a speed bump, crashed into a tree planter, and lived to face justice.

  • Bill from Brooklyn

    Jonathan, I am not a huge fan of many NYPD activities, but to dismiss what occurred as firing live rounds at property crimes suspects is just plain silly. As you yourself said, this was robbery at gunpoint (also BTW, the person involved had 20 prior arrests). The people involved were armed and dangerous.

    No one wants to see a police chase and a shootout, especially since it poses a threat to innocent bystanders and luckily here in NYC we have relatively few considering our size. But this wasn’t some minor property crime. This was bad people with history, armed.

    That said, we can totally agree on the better street design aspect of your post and how better street design would minimize the opportunity for high speed chase in residential areas.

  • Bill, what torques me most about this incident is that it happened two blocks away from my apartment, and at a time when I was out on my bicycle in the pleasant evening air.

    Imagine if this kind of “mayhem” took place on Prospect Park West and 1st Street, which has a similar street layout to where the accident took place. I am sure your fellow Brooklynites would be up in arms about “excessive force” and “putting innocent bystanders in danger.”

    Also, as you are well aware from reading Streetsblog, it’s possible to get arrested for quality-of-life offenses, like running red lights while taking part in Critical Mass. I’m therefore skeptical that “20 arrests” is as descriptive a statistic in crime-fighting as “20 wins” is in major league baseball.

  • Bill from Brooklyn

    Jonathan, I grant all of your arguments and concerns. Having once been on my bike 20+ years ago when a police chase broke out on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn, I can tell you it was a scary and dangerous situation (thankfully no bullets were fired that day, but you had marked and unmarked cars all descending on the car being chased). But, these guys were armed and I will admit I don’t know, but I would take a bet the 20 arrests were not for Critical Mass, LOL.

  • J

    The list of bike cities is a great argument to ” people dont bike in the cold/winter”