Streetsblog Stalkerazzi Spots Tim Robbins on Two Wheels


Here’s Tim Robbins, spotted today by Clarence Eckerson in Madison Square Park. Though The Rectifier looks none too pleased about being photographed by the bike paparazzi, we were assured that he waved after this snap was taken.

Be a StreetStalker: Send us your celeb cycling shots

  • Jeff Ferzoco from RPA and I were having a work meeting in Madison Square when I looked up and said “There’s TIm Robbins!” I turned on my video camera and Jeff got out his still camera and he got this shot. Unfortunately, my new SONY takes a good 5 to 10 seconds to get ready to record, and what everyone missed was Tim looking at the two of us and then just smiling and waving (Jeff swears he saw the STREETFILMS t-shirt which caused him to wave, I am not so sure, but here’s to hoping it was!)

  • Shawshank Redemption & Hudsucker Proxy are some of my favorite flicks so I’m certainly a Tim Robbins fan, but am I wrong or does the photo show he’s both going the wrong direction and riding on the PEDESTRIAN part of the new madison square park. I’m all for celebs on bikes, but if they’re gonna stand out and be an example, I hope its a good one.

  • I saw if quickly, and It looked like he had crossed to that point and then decided to use the ped plaza there (as every cyclist does I have seen) as a short cut to get to wherever he was turning next. Strangely cyclists going thru the new Madison Square almost always ignore the wonderfully striped green lanes and cut thru the ped areas every imaginable way. I am okay with that as long as they are going less than 5 mph which Mr. Robbins was easily going even less than.

  • johnson

    He is setting a bad example for liberal bikers with his riding. Do not ride in the pedestrian areas. Sad.

    Cycling in flip flops is also a good way to get some road rash on the sole.

  • Kaja

    Who cares? Leave the man alone.

  • I like his bike. What’s he riding there?

  • beng722

    No NO NOOOOO. this is not what we’re about. if a celeb wants to lend their face/name to a cause, great. otherwise leave them alone!

  • I liked him best in Jacob’s Ladder and The Player, but that’s immaterial — no helmet in Manhattan? Ka-razee!

  • christine

    Paco , you win and we lose .. even Tim Robbins does not respect the rules …
    Where is Caroline when we need her ?

  • Stay out of pedestrian areas. Siiiimple.

  • Brooklyn

    Stay out of pedestrian areas? Oh, please — I don’t exactly see Robbins steamrolling a stroller in this picture. He also didn’t appear to bunny hop a curb to get there, either — maybe you’d prefer he schluffed out of the way of the box truck in the background? And don’t even get me started on the inanity of wearing a helmet while riding an obvious Dutch cruiser.

    I saved a bunch of time yesterday blowing every “bike red” on Ninth Avenue by taking the car turn lane yesterday. On Saturday I rode all over Brooklyn Heights with nothing but a cycling cap — and I lived. Get in where you fit in; ride any which way that keeps you moving and keeps you out of traffic.

  • Even if it pisses inconveniences and annoys others? Yeah, great policy. Keep congratulating yourself on the back for ignoring the rules.

  • *pisses off

  • Pedalerazzi
    I love the idea of Tim Robbins bunny hopping. Schluffing – not so much.
    Do you think he lets Susan Sarandon ride on his handlebars?


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