Today’s Headlines

  • As such, Heslin is hooked.

    “This car is going to change everything,” he said.

    No, it’s going to change a few things, none of which matter in the long run.

  • Glenn

    Keeping the funding formula in place is a disaster for urban areas and means that the highway fund is going to face severe shortfalls and require general fund subsidies. Again, economically productive urban areas served by mass transit will have to carry the barely surviving suburban areas

  • rex

    If you get run over by an electric car, are you still dead?

  • No, they just stick a cable in your mouth and recharge you.

  • RE: Is There Hope for Nassau’s “New Suburbia”?

    How much you wanna bet the only thing that happens is the stadium renovation? From what little I know about this project it already seems apparent that the stadium is the “centerpiece”–because pols still act like losing a sports team ranks somewhere near or above Godzilla trampling your town in terms of “awful things that can happen”.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Just came across this — new NYC health commissioner bicycled to work in New Orleans; afraid to do so in Manhattan.

    “At the moment, in Manhattan, no,” new Health Commissioner Thomas Farley told the Daily News on Wednesday. “If I felt it were safe, absolutely,” Farley said. “And I don’t know the status of things, but I’m hoping that we’ll get to that point.”

    Someone got word of the non-PC answer.

    “He quickly called back to say he’ll ride it here, too – once it arrives from New Orleans.”