Today’s Headlines

  • Washington Needs to Ramp Up Federal Funding for New York’s Transit System (DMI Blog)
  • Staten Island Pols: No Need for Bike Lanes Here (SI Live)
  • Bronx Straphangers Get an Express 4 Train (News, Post, NY1)
  • Todd Litman: Propping Up the Auto Industry Is Bad Economic Policy (Planetizen)
  • Atlantic Yards Will Be a Money-Sucking Boondoggle, According to New IBO Report (News)
  • Report: MTA Should Team Up With Developers on TOD (MTR)
  • Houston’s Light Rail System Is Spurring Progress on Ped-Friendly Streets (Houston Chron)
  • Here’s One Example of How Parking Requirements Make Housing More Expensive (SF TOD)
  • Bike in Style: See Winning Entries in Design Comp for Bike Clothing and Accessories (Runway)
  • Chuck Schumer, City Cyclist? (DC Examiner)
  • SI bike lanes:

    ” Instead of forcing bike lanes on a neighborhood that doesn’t want them, Oddo argued, the DOT should use its resources to keep the streets in better shape for motorists. ”

    Just warms my heart.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Well it’s good to see that the DMI is ramping up the usual excuse for the decline of our transit system: blame the federal government! As if there was no federal deficit, and NYC was popular in the rest of the country in the wake of the Wall Street bailouts.

    All they need to make it stick is to get the Republicans back in charge, or perhaps blame the possiblity of a fillbuster.

    “Washington needs to take responsibility for NY’s transit system” it says. Well, NYC and NY State certainly haven’t. They have other things to do with the money.

  • Given how often frustration with city and state government is expressed around here, I thought this seemed amusing and somewhat relevant:

    Hercules Still Struggling To Complete 13th Labor: Demigod Must Be Fairly Elected To City Council Seat

  • James

    Someone remind me again why State Island is part of New York City?

    On a related note, we just got a new bike lane here in Riverdale/Kingsbridge along Tibbet Ave, with sharrows along Manhattan College Parkway to give cyclists a route from Van Cortlandt Park to the Broadway Bridge. This was sorely needed in what is one of the most car-drunk parts of the city. Thank you NYCDOT! Can we get some CityRacks up here next, please?

  • James

    Correction, that should read “Staten Island”.

  • I can’t mount as effective a defense of Staten Island as a real Staten Islander could, but it provides the city with much needed affordable housing, most of it in a leafy inner-suburb kind of setting, including some beautiful and distinctive Victorian houses. Some of those are in hilly neighborhoods that present interesting vistas and challenges to the adventurous pedestrian. See here — try the “historic” and “walking and the walker” links. SI includes some of the city’s best pizza joints. Oh, and it’s linked to Manhattan with a ferry — how cool is that?! — and the MTA’s SIRT train runs from the ferry terminal, connecting the northern tip and southern tips of the island. There are places I might move to if I ever lose my lease in Manhattan and SI is one of them (I also fantasize about living in Elmhurst).

  • Just curious… are there any good SI neighborhoods in walking distance of the ferry terminal? By “good” I guess I could posit my current neighborhood of Bay Ridge as an example: reasonably quiet & safe, and a good selection of shopping & restaurants. I live alone and I don’t drive so lots of amenities within walking distance are a must. I suppose I could get off my butt and walk around there myself some day…. I only ask because I work near the other end of the ferry and that would be an interesting and probably faster commute than I have now.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Mandolin Bros is a great classic musical instrument store. St. George has some nice points close to the Ferry. The home of the Wu Tang Clan can’t be all suburban. Staten Ireland

  • Larry Littlefield

    There has been repeated attempts to revitalize Stapleton as an urban village-type place. This was going on in the late 1980s early 1990s, when I was at DCP. One of the toughest areas on the Island, the Fox Hills complex, is adjacent, which may have held things back. It might be worth a look.

    New Brighton, overlooking the ferry terminal, features wood frame Victorians with narrow side yards. Last I looked the maintenace was iffy. Jersey Street, down the hill behind, was the second toughest place on Staten Island.

    Beyond walking distance but in bicycle distance is West New Brighton. It’s two miles to the ferry, and there are buses for the rain. The shopping and restaurants are suburban.

    The small “villages” around the train stations on the SIR can be nice, but its a haul to Manhattan.

    Any sports fans? Staten Island once had a professional football team, the Stapleton Stapes (1929-32). In fact every borough had a professional team at one time or another. The Giants played at the Polo Ground in Manhattan and Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, the Jets played at the Polo Ground and Shea, and the Brooklyn Dodgers played in the 1930s and 1940s.

  • None of that sounds very promising, Larry. But then again, NYC neighborhoods have a habit of changing drastically in 10 years or so, don’t they.

  • Public television did a documentary called “A Walk Around Staten Island” — you can watch it online.

  • Kaja
  • Larry Littlefield

    “None of that sounds very promising, Larry. But then again, NYC neighborhoods have a habit of changing drastically in 10 years or so, don’t they.”

    I haven’t spent much time touring Staten Island since I left City Planning. When we moved down from the Bronx in 1986 we checked it out, but decided it wouldn’t be livable without a car, from our transit and pedestrian perspective.

    A bicycle, however, might alter that perspective — three times the speed for a middle aged rider, and therefore equal access to walking at one-third the density.