Cyclist Struck Yesterday Morning at Third and Atlantic in Brooklyn

A reader emailed yesterday reporting that a bicyclist had been struck and seriously injured at the corner of Third Avenue and Atlantic Avenue near downtown Brooklyn. NYPD confirmed the collision late yesterday afternoon:

This morning at approximately 0723 hours, in the confines of the 84 precinct, Police responded to 3rd Avenue & Atlantic Avenue on a call of a bicyclist struck. The bicyclist was taken to Lutheran hospital, condition unknown. Driver remained on the scene.

Lutheran could not give an update on the status of the cyclist without the victim’s name, which NYPD did not provide. A reader who witnessed the aftermath of the crash reports that an officer said the victim sustained serious, potentially fatal injuries. When asked for more details about the circumstances of the crash, NYPD’s public information office said it had no more information.

If you have information about this crash, please share in the comments or email

  • AT

    Atlantic Avenue is “the avenue of death” if there ever was one in Brooklyn. I live in the area and I never bike on Atlantic Avenue, but take the parallel side streets. It is too bad because Atlantic Avenue with proper design including a planted median could be much prettier and much safer.

  • Tom

    What struck the cyclist? Was it an idea? a car? a fist? a brick? or a golf club? Since the driver remained on the sceene I’m going with golf club

  • 0723 this morning? or late in the afternoon?

  • Gary, 0723 is seven twenty-three am. It’s 24-hour time; the evening would be 1923.

  • ooo they confirmed it late in the afternoon but it happened in the morning.

  • thanks kaja, I do understand the 24 hour clock.

  • Jeff S.

    This happened right outside my apartment building. The block of 3rd avenue between Atlantic and Pacific was blocked off for about an hour. When I got outside to walk my dog, the ambulance had already pulled away, but the crumpled bicycle remained in the middle of the street.

    Later, when I went to work, they had spread sand on the street to cover the blood.


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