Tom Brady, and Baby Jack, Bike in Boston


As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I’m pretty much required to hate Tom Brady. However, two Super Bowl wins in the last four seasons (that’d be six all told, but who’s counting?) have salved the wounds of those AFC championship losses at the hands of Brady in 2001 and 2004. And hey, the man rides a bike.

Here’s Brady with son Jack and dog Vida, photographed in Boston after a Patriots practice session earlier this week.

Also to Brady’s credit: Unlike certain Albany legislators, he and the Patriots are big believers in camera technology.

  • Larry Littlefield

    If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t there a Streetsblog entry some time back on Gisele Bundchen on a bicycle in NYC?

    Amazing what a supermodel can get you to do. I’ll bet five years ago Tom was a playboy in a Hummer. The transport shift might extend his career, which is not good news for the Jets.

  • Ha! Brad, that last link was such a cheap shot!

  • Guilty as charged.

  • Brooklyn

    Cycling is also great knee rehab — there’s no lateral stress on the joint, while making the surrounding muscles and tendons stronger.

  • Man in regular clothes, slowly cruising on a bike, with a basket, and a “baby on board”. Poster boy for the urban mode of biking for everyday getting around… (and Boston doesn’t even have as many bike lanes as NYC does).

  • This could easily make one a Patriots fan.

  • I \v/ NY

    i’m with danlatorre, “Man in regular clothes, slowly cruising on a bike, with a basket, and a baby on board” (and building cycle tracks) will make cycling mainstream and attractive to many more americans. and i am not a regular bike rider.

    bikes need to be seen as normal.

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