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  • Pursuant

    Interesting Article over on Slate about why trains run slower than they did in the thirties. I don’t think I saw this here.

  • “Closing [Kent Ave] down to traffic in one direction would be like closing the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in one direction.”

    I like where you’re going with this, South Williamsburg neighbors!

  • Brooklyn

    Re: Kent Avenue. As a cyclist I normally support the establishment of bike lanes. But I also live above a truck route in Kensington. I can sympathize with anyone not wanting a truck route suddenly materializing out their front door. You can cut discretionary passenger vehicle trips by making it harder to drive and easier to bike, walk, scoot, schluff — but absolutely nothing is going to diminish commercial traffic in NYC short of outright depopulation. Like the saying goes: if you bought it, a truck brought it.

    One commenter on the Bklyn Paper brings up a good point — these Williamsburg truck routes are supposed to be for local deliveries only, but trucks use it to bypass congestion on the BQE. The misery of truck traffic is the true quality of life issue here, not some dinky bike lane for a Brooklyn Greenway fantasia — and the answer is increased enforcement for truck drivers. The present DOT doesn’t seem to have that kind of synergy with NYPD, so this opportunity to genuinely improve everyday resident lives — by changing the behavior of scofflaw truck drivers through pain and money — goes frittered away. We devolve to arguing over scraps like the bike lane.

    I dream about a solution like this for my area, living above the hell that is Caton Avenue (Truck Route 27). Trucks should stew on the highway — out of sight and out of mind — until the last 1/4 mile before their delivery. Eighteen-wheelers roaring through yellow lights, making tight turns by mounting curbs, toppling light poles and tree branches are an unforgivable menace on city streets.

  • rlb

    I agree with your thoughts, Brooklyn, and at first thought that the truck detour was going to be a pretty serious obstacle to the current compromise. Then I looked at a map and decided that it really shouldn’t be an issue at all.
    Those three blocks of Wythe are pretty industrial, and probably not inhabited. The 4 blocks on 11th are formerly industrial, probably mostly converted at this point, but the street is pretty wide and doesn’t have too much traffic of any sort. Union currently looks like a bomb when off on it. Then the highway is right there.
    The other aspect of this is that Kent will eventually be a very residential street (assuming the delirious construction gets finished and becomes occupied).