Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg: No More Funds for Atlantic Yards; City Needs "Safer Streets" Instead (Bklyn Paper)
  • MTA Says Fulton Street Transit Hub Will Be Built With Stim Cash (NYT)
  • Memorial Day Driving Expected to Rise Relative to Last Year (NYT)
  • Nassau County Announces Holiday DWI Crackdown (Newsday
  • Study Finds Nation’s Worst Drivers in New York, New Jersey (NY1)
  • Elderly Woman Hit by Van Driver on UES (Post
  • Unnamed Staten Island Pedestrian Reported Injured, "Likely to Die" (SI Advance
  • Rest Easy, Queens: Chrysler Dealerships to Remain Open (Queens Courier)
  • Toronto Prioritizes Peds Even as Drivers Continue to Buy Cars (Toronto Sun via Planetizen)
  • Can Stop Signs Calm Traffic? (Newtown Streets via
  • gecko

    RE: “Bloomberg: No More Funds for Atlantic Yards; City Needs “Safer Streets” Instead (Bklyn Paper)”

    Right decision.

  • Glenn

    That “worst driver” assessment for NY & NJ should be a call to action for all public safety and public health educators as well as the DMV and insurance companies. It’s unacceptable to allow people to drivers that don’t know the rules of the road to drive around.

    Part of the problem in NYC is many foreign born drivers that learned the rules elsewhere. But also we have many, many part time drivers. Only driving a few times a year or so leaves folks out of practice. It’s not exactly like…welll, to use a phrase…riding a bike

  • Larry Littlefield

    “We’re not putting money in any of these projects. We’re going to invest our money in better schools and in safer streets and in better parks and everything else.”

    Acutally, funding for schools is being cut 5%, because more and more education dollars are going to pensions and retiree health care thanks to the 22/55, the 2000 pension enhancement, and inadequate employer contributions over a decade.

    Funding for parks is also being gutted.

    And of course all the MTA money is going to past debts.

    Fortunately, bicycles are cheap. But in general, public services are going to degrade on an awesome scale even as taxes rise.

  • Has anyone read that Toronto Sun piece? I mean, what? Did anyone even proof read that, it’s full of contradictions.

  • Or did I miss something, is it sarcasm? I hate sarcasm on paper, someone really needs to come up with a font for it if there is. I don’t know what that article is about.

  • Just heard this on NPR Marketplace. Economist Paul Kedrosky explains why making cars more fuel efficient won’t save fuel:

    “To an economist, most things come down to price. A car that gets 39 miles per gallon is cheaper per mile to drive than a car that gets 18 miles per gallon. Make iPods cheaper, and more get sold. Make the cost per mile of driving cheaper, and people will drive more. How much more? Research says it may be as much as 10-20 percent. People may not loiter on their way to work, but they will make more discretionary trips with their high-efficiency cars. And that has other effects too, like more highway congestion, and even more accidents and deaths.”

    His recommendation: Increase gas taxes.

    Text and podcast on the Marketplace site.

  • Sam

    Looking forward to a bike lane on first avenue!

  • Sam

    And the reconnection of the one on Carlton Avenue….