Eyes on the Street: Bike to Work Day NYC

btw_group.jpgCouncil Member David Yassky, DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and TA’s Paul Steely White

Here are some early pics from this morning’s Bike to Work festivities, courtesy of Transportation Alternatives. Don’t forget to tag your own shots for our Flickr pool, and stay tuned for Streetfilms coverage. 

btw_table.jpg TA treats cyclists to a complimentary breakfast

btw_jsk.jpgSadik-Khan and Dani Simons, also of DOT, riding to work
  • I rode to work out in San Diego, 30 miles. I felt really good afterwards, though I am a bit tired since my body is not used to it). I must say, having the busy work schedule that I have, it feels really nice to finally have a healthier lifestyle added to my daily routine.

  • Was this following the We Passed Bikes in Buildings Day? Until I can celebrate that, I won’t be biking to work.

  • I apologize for adding my last comment to this thread. It was entirely too negative. I think the idea of Bike to Work Day is awesome because I truly appreciate our livable city, but I’m one of those people who never leaves his/her bike outside. I really enjoy biking, and I have had enough bikes stolen (2 while living in Atlanta) to sour me to the prospect of locking my bike outside. When the Bikes in Buildings bill is made into law, I will be the first person to start commuting by bike every day.

  • Daniel : Where would you be locking up? With proper locks, bike theft shouldn’t really be a concern in most places in the city, provided you don’t leave your bike overnight.

  • P

    Whatever. If you want to ride your bike buy a 200 dollar bike and an 60 dollar lock. You won’t have any problems.

    Alternately, you can just wait for a bill that may never be passed.

  • Strange comment to be put as a headline on the side of the page. Having your bike where you work is still a luxury and will be for a while. Learn to lock your bike like a normal New Yorker and you won’t have a problem.

  • I agree with you Liam. I would have deleted the comment if I could. I didn’t want this to be a negative conversation. My point was the Bike to Work Day is a great idea. It’s just not for me. I’ll continue taking the subway to work and biking for exercise and fun (not commuting.)

  • Sorry to be negative about it, I just like to think that everyone should be able to ride to work – BUT, the bikes in buildings bill was made into law, wasn’t it?

    I have the DOB information PDF on it, I think. Bike parking will soon be required in all new construction.

  • Mike

    Liam, there are two totally separate bills. The zoning change passed, but that only affects new buildings. There’s a separate bill that hasn’t passed (or failed) yet, which would require bike access to all buildings, not just new ones.


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