Bike to Work Day Open Thread

bike_commuter.jpgIf you’ve got a story, observation, or factoid from your ride in this morning, tell us all about it in the comments.

Thanks to Bicycles Only for the photo illustration on the right. You can contribute any pictures you take of today’s commute to our Flickr pool by adding the "streetsblog" tag.

Stay tuned for more Bike to Work Day coverage from Clarence, Elizabeth, and the Streetfilms crew. I hear they’re aiming for a record turn-around on this one.

  • Yeah we were out before 7 AM this morning riding with the Commissioner Sadik-Khan from GAP to Brooklyn Bridge (brief stop for T.A.’s bike breakfast there) then on to City Hall for presser with David Yassky and T.A. staff and ANOTHER T.A. breakfast.

    Wow, the Brooklyn Bridge was swarming with cyclists. Elizabeth got an interview with a lovely woman who was so excited being on camera since it was her first time ever riding a bike to work and she did so because of the day’s events!

    Elizabeth is hard at work cutting the video. I am almost sure that lady will make the cut!

  • I rode up the West Side Greenway from Worth Street to the Transportation Alternatives Breakfast table near 70th street on the Greenway.

    From there I rode down Broadway.

    Lots of people out commuting by bike. Broadway is kind of jammed up because of all the DOT construction going on for the new bike lane.

    Downtown in the new pedestrian plaza where Broadway and 5th Avenue split, TA had another table set up.

    Continued downtown on 5th avenue, then back on Broadway.

    At Broadway and Houston, construction is almost complete and pedestrian crosswalks are outlined and will probably be down by Monday.

    No I’m at work. Yawn.

  • All sorts of crazy construction on Church Street today, but my group was undeterred. We really need a safe route north from the Brooklyn Bridge to join up with the Lafayette Street and Hudson Street bike lanes.

  • @Mike Epstein :

    Centre Street isn’t perfect, but it works as a connection to Lafayette Street.

  • How did I miss breakfast at 70th st? I took the west side greenway down this morning and was upset they didn’t have anything for Upper Manhattan commuters!

    Great ride though. Except today was the wrong day to prove to myself I could leisurely get to work and not have to change my shirt…

  • Charley, right you are. It was a sweaty and humid one today.

  • JSD

    Did my normal commute today, (walk, train, ferry, train, walk) so no bike for me. But the Transportation Alternatives stand on Centre St, behind City Hall Park, was buzzing. Lots of folks crowded around, bikers and pedestrians alike.

    Great job by those folks. Keep it up.

  • rhubarbpie

    My bike needs an overhaul, so I came in by subway, but I was pleased to see the TA tent up on Centre Street as well. Especially since I had passed by Council Member Lappin as she turned into the City Hall parking lot in her car. I can understand if she didn’t bike, but why is she driving from the Upper East Side?!!! It’s a straight shot on the subway.

  • Riding over the Brooklyn Bridge while chatting with the Commissioner made my morning. Dare I say best commute ever!

  • Bike Dude

    Thanks to the Times Up people on the W’burg Bridge for giving my bike a quick fix. If only New York had these kind of bike services every day!

  • t

    Biked from Brooklyn, stopped at a stop sign, only to see an SUV do an “Idaho stop” and roll through the intersection.

  • vnm

    If I had remembered that the Central Park loop drive was a motor speedway two thirds dedicated to automobiles, I would have just taken the direct route, Fifth Avenue, and mixed it up with the buses. So, my mistake.

    The ride was basically uneventful, except I had to portage, if you’ll allow a canoe analogy, past 44th & Broadway because the main part of the street was opened for a Good Morning America TV shoot with waves of exuberant spectators. (And closed to cyclists and cars.)

  • Emily

    I wrote about my bike to work day here at my blog. New York is just getting better and better for bikers! There’s a new bike patah being created across the street from my office right now.

  • Good weather and an early start got me in the mood to hammer today, so I made it in 13 minutes, faster than my recent 15-minute average, but strangely enough my boss had picked up the BTWD vibe (did she read AMNY?) and asked me about my commute at the watercooler.

  • Carice

    Not a NYC group, but in Cambridge, I convoyed in with a group in suits and dresses from the Swiss Consulate into downtown Boston to promote cycling in “normal” work clothes.

  • Totally would’ve biked in today but I lost my job last month. Maybe next year. I was hoping to ride into Manhattan for some lunch but it’s not in the cards. Might hit the propsect park loop in the afternoon if the weather holds.

  • Gwin

    Rode my normal commute this morning from W 144th to Park & 47th: down Convent/Morningside, across 110, down 5th avenue, over to Park at 62nd…

    I didn’t see any additional bikers out on this 6-mile ride; nor did I see any other signs that it was “Bike to Work Day.”

    It was a beautiful morning for a ride, though.

  • Geck

    I was feeling great with all the bikers out on Bergen Street but got angry to see a cab and SUV using the Smith Street bike lane to pass the backed-up cars. Actually, though, I am surprised not to see that move more often.
    And Centre Street is definitely the weak/missing link between the Brooklyn Bridge and Lafayette Street and other SoHo lanes.

  • meb

    The TA crew looked pretty busy on the Queensboro Bridge. I was running late, and I’m already a TA member and I’ve got too much bike junk anyway, so I passed on by w/out snagging whatever breakfast snacky-cakes they had.

    I’m only kind of half looking forward to the nicer weather. While I’m all for more people biking in, the Queensboro MUP gets to be a bit crowded with all the construction and a lot of bikes and peds mixing.

    I heard about TA on WNYC this morning too, they mentioned that TA was giving out booklets on road rules for cyclists… I think that’s a good thing. I have to be realistic and say that you’ve got to use your best judgement while riding, and just “try to be nice”.

  • Look closely at the picture and you will see that the rear tire is badly in need of more air.

  • Anon

    My office just moved to Times Square and I bike to work from Hell’s Kitchen. Seventh Ave is great but I am surprised at the number of jaywalkers! A lot of people walk along the curb on 42nd street and jayrun instead of walk and often in front of buses and fast moving cars/taxis. Also the 8th Ave bike lane is unusable during rush hour, it’s full of people going to PA or 2x parked cars. It may takes something awful for this to change. if that many people are overflowing off the sidewalk then perhaps a car lane should be given up, no? More peds could fit in a car lane than a line of cars w/ only 1 person driving no. But overall, things are better!

  • Yeah, what’s good with the image for this article? I’ve uploaded plenty of potential candidates to flickr from this morning.

  • Brooklyn

    I just put a brake on my fixie, so I rode it for the first time for the full commute from Kensington to Union Square. I’ve been seeing more and more cyclists in the mornings, not just today but all spring. Rode by the TA table at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge, thanked them as I rolled by. A nice morning.

  • Wow Charles you must be have a slow day if you were staring at that photo long enough to notice that!

  • I rode up the San Diego coastline this morning. It was a nice ride, though there were some events out of my control that held me back a little bit (had to help a friend who’s car died before work). All and all, I wish I did this more. Though it is a long 30 mile ride, I like finding ways to implement a healthier lifestyle into my work schedule… it can be rough at times.

  • I was biking to work long before most of you rolled out of bed. I leave the house at 4:45 AM to catch a 5:00 ferry from Staten and ride six miles uptown. Missed the TA breakfast for the second year in a row :(, but it’s worth it to see the city so peaceful.

  • I started riding my bike about two months ago when I got my job and noticed a lot more people in the Bergen St. lane today. It’s very rare that I feel like an experienced rider, but I did huffing over the Manhattan bridge! The TA group at the end of the bridge was very nice and generous with the snacks.

    I’m so impressed by the enthusiasm and kindness of the biking community–especially during Bike Month–that I’ve been encouraging friends to hop on their bikes, too. So, thank you, you guys.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I biked to jury duty. I found that works too.

  • gecko

    First day I did not bike to work in quite a while; just for a change.

    Kind of felt sorry for people who know no other way than taking the subway.

    While walking, kind of amazed that an SUV could flip over on 14th Street during rush hour (between 7th and 8th Avenues) and close the street for hours.

  • gecko

    Wonder if DoT could make agreements with the city’s abundance of sidewalk cafes and places with lots of people and windows on the street like StarBucks as bike watching locations to immediately ease the bike parking problem and provide free publicity for these highly amenable establishments.

  • Andy B from Jersey

    Bummer to be on vacation during bike to work day. That didn’t stop me from riding 50km through the pleasant German countryside, sans helmet.

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