Cartoon Tuesday: Beware of the Ouchies

After reading about a new Pew Poll that found 88 percent of Americans believe they can’t live without a car, I couldn’t help thinking of this cartoon from John Akre — who also gave us Cars for Hats. Car dependence has never looked so terrifying.

  • Aren’t the Amish fundamentalist Christians who don’t use cars? This is a good message, but I’m not sure what’s gained by diving head first into the culture wars.

  • There are conservative evangelical Christians who are concerned about urban planning and its implications for community. (I’m one and I go to church with a bunch more.) Why alienate potential allies with a badly-drawn cartoon that’s far more preachy than anything I’ve heard from the pulpit in a long, long time?

  • I have to agree. It’s not good to make livable streets a left vs. right issue.

  • GB

    truly sloppy…thought process that is


Cartoon Tuesday: Pricing Post-Mortem Edition

Also particularly germane today is this CARtoon by Andy Singer, the first of what we plan to make a regular series on Streetsblog. Singer is a Minnesota-based cartoonist known in the livable streets universe for skewering car culture in strips like this one.

Disney’s Highway to Hell

This scarifying nine-minute peek into an auto-enslaved Disney world of the future, as seen from 1958, is as amazing for what it gets right (like urban sprawl) as much as what is laughably off the mark (like urban sprawl = Utopia). Notice how skinny everyone is, though no one ever walks (except dad, from his […]

Today’s Headlines

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