Today’s Headlines

  • Larry Littlefield

    So they are going to cut transportation funding to make sure overstaffed suburban and upstate school districts can keep hiring.

    I guess it was inevitable — locked in by contracts and state laws that require automatic cost of living increases, the school districts will not be able to pass the payroll tax onto the employees in the form of wages falling that much further behind inflation. Unlike businesses, which is why they don’t mind. Just last night in the private sector, in contrasts, an old friend told my his company had imposed a 5% wage cut across the board.

    Since they cut the taxi surcharge in half, I wonder what will be reduced — transit funding or upstate roads funding?

    And since the deficit MTA operating defict has widened, I wonder if this means lower fare increases and service cuts — and an end to capital reinvestment and long term decline due to “circumstances beyond our control?”

  • I always thought of commuter or hybrid bikes as the modern equivalent to the old style Dutch bikes, in case you don’t want to pay a premium for faux vintage.

    I really hope relaxed riding catches on. I wouldn’t mind seeing less spandex around!

  • Boris

    New Yorkers are always hurrying everywhere, no matter the mode of transportation. Even suit-and-tie bikers will be in a rush, because that’s how they drive and walk, also. Introducing the Dutch bike won’t change that.

  • It’s my opinion that the Netherlands-style “grandma bike” is too heavy for NY riders. Riding up the bridge approaches could be a real drag on a heavy bike, and certainly carrying it upstairs is a no-go.

    Did anyone see comment no. 23 in the times article ? For true? What’s up with that?