Cartoon Tuesday: Jump the Gates or Dump the Stooges?

From the cutting-off-one’s-nose-to-spite-one’s-face department comes this nonetheless impressive song and video excoriating the MTA (a.k.a. "Money-Taking Assholes") and calling on transit riders to "start jumping the gates." But there’s more to the message than misguided MTA bashing, as "the fuck-ups in Albany" — Ruben Diaz, Sr., Pedro Espada and Carl Kruger, specifically — get their due.

Just goes to show that there’s plenty of anger out there over the MTA funding fiasco, and that much of it could use some constructive channeling. Again, today’s Union Square rally would be a good place to start. Maybe signs flashing across TV screens and tabloid pages naming state senators (whomever they may be) would finally get the fuck-ups’ Albany’s attention.

  • Ugh, I’m disappointed that Streetsblog would publicize such a childish, profanity-ridden piece of trash.

    This video does nothing but continue to propagate myths like “two sets of books” and “a surplus just last year,” then attacks the board for their votes to raise fares as if they had any other option given the state’s inaction. Stuff like this is exactly why the public is misdirects their virtually all their anger at the MTA when Albany should take most of the blame.

  • fdr

    This just proves that Kruger, Espada, Diaz, etc. figure they can get away with it because the public will blame the MTA. Or if they focus on elected officials it will be on Paterson or Bloomberg.


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