Today’s Headlines

  • Hey, nothing wrong with a trip to Puerto Rico! But I doubt the Senators will be visiting the Tren Urbano.

  • gecko

    re: White House Security Won’t Let Energy Sec Bike to Work (Grist)

    Great article on Energy Secretary and how cycling is important for health.

  • We could have a couple of Secret Service officers biking to work with Chu. If any drivers tried to cut him off, smackdown!

  • Larry Littlefield

    Good news and bad news. The good news is that on Lafayette Street, the Bleeker to Broadway Lafayette station connection northbound is under construction, with the extended platform excavated.

    The bad news is that I heard from the inside that the MTA’s emergency conserve-cash-at-all-costs measures include a hard freeze on purchasing. Maintenance materials?

    So Brooklyn riders on the old BMT Southern Division (and in particular the F, since others can transfer at Union Square by changing twice) will finally get a connection that should have been built in the 1950s when the IRT local stations were extended, and was supposed to have been built in the 2000-04 capital plan. Just in time for the subway system in general to re-collapse.

  • Smith’s clinging desperately to that “one New York” nonsense isn’t fooling anybody who can see that the taxi surcharge is just a bribe for support from the anti-NYC contingent.

  • Re the West 96th IRT station, I was there when the last of the massive curved steel pieces was swung into place by a crane and fastened by workers. It was an awesome sight. I have high hopes for the station, especially the accessibility for the handicapped, which might help me when I’m older. The sidewalk nibbling may have to be addressed at a later time, but I’m waiting to see the new design in action before I pass judgment. Timing of the traffic signals may also need tweaking — lately it’s been all over the place, which I assume has something to do with the construction schedule. Sometimes you have plenty of time to cross, other times you have to practically break into a run. On the positive side, the construction site seems to be having a mild traffic calming effect, though the intersection is still dangerous for peds.

  • Notice that, in the picture of what the 96th St. station will ultimately look like, there are few people and all the women are wearing either a flowing white dress or a black suit. It certainly will be good to get rid of the crowds and the women in jeans. (Seriously, the design does look like a big improvement.)